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  1. I live in Hamilton, it’s a little more than an hour away from Toronto
  2. Hi, does anyone know good reliable locators in Canada? Quality vending seems to be a scam, and I think First choice and LRU are not around anymore Rodney does not locate in Canada Im mainly looking for locators to help me with the locations that are harder to get such as employee break rooms, and blue collar places. any help is much appreciated
  3. 1.(Update) I was able to find these machines used on another site for 168$ Each. Would it be worth the investment? I like the idea of giving out prizes as it encourages more vending. 2. Would .25 be to expensive for each toy? What are the normal costs for toys?
  4. any thoughts on this route https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1430655487 looks like they also have a website http://vendingforhope.com/ I texted them, and they said each machine nets around 75$ a month. It sounds a bit sketchy to me, but I have no knowledge for this type of vending. I guess it would be more similar to toy vending?
  5. Yeah... turns out they were very sloppy in setting up their website with many misleading information (they only sell in quantities of 115000 kg despite their website saying 5kg) They were also very rude when they responded to me. definitely not worth the risk and headache.
  6. Has anyone had success vending chocolate peanut products from the aliexpress app? Is it something worth attempting? They seem to sell at a fraction of the original price I have included additional photos in the attachments.
  7. Does anyone know a good place that ships cheap bulk candy internationally?
  8. Hi I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on this product: https://www.aaglobal.com/bulk-candy-gum/PL-CAN-18298-Tootsie-Roll-Candy-Coated-Chews-Bulk-1160-pcs.asp And would it fit on a u turn gum ball wheel?
  9. Hi I’m fairly new to the vending business I recently ordered a few u turn machines from a guy near my area. He had tootsie rolls jammed into small capsules. Apparently, he was vending them through a gumball wheel. Has anyone done this? I can see other small products like caramels outselling candies like skittles and Gumballs etc... maybe it’s personal preference, but I would choose a tootsie roll any day to hard shell candy
  10. Wow... You guys really went the extra mile, and that would be an understatement lol Anyways I decided to settle with used uturn machines at 35$ each or 45$ for the 8 canister ones. I know they are difficult to service, but the prices were hard to ignore. Thanks for all the input:)
  11. Hi, I am new bulk vending and was wondering if I could get some advise on a route for sale: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-business-industrial/kitchener-waterloo/very-good-earning-candy-vending-route-for-sale/1382857551?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Any help on identifying the type of machines would be greatly appreciated
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