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  1. Well that is the hope, especially being smaller. I love mechanical machines, so I won't really mind tinkering and youtubing fixes that I could do myself. The companies that I'm looking to buy from offer free lifetime phone support, so I should be able to troubleshoot a lot of the problems myself without having to call a tech out.
  2. I haven't gotten that far in the process, but I'm assuming the company I'm buying the refurbished machines from will offer service or at least have good recommendations as to who I could use.
  3. I've actually seen these more recently in town and think I may do the same. The one problem with mounting above the keypad is I'm not sure if that would be ADA compliant. https://www.cranepi.com/en/products/solutions/cashless/card-readers/4-1-plus#/ These are probably what you are looking for.
  4. Thanks AZVender! I really appreciate the advice. I'm trying like crazy to get locations, but nothing seems to be working. I know I need to get comfortable just going to these places and talking face to face. I know I can be a good salesperson, but just getting out of my own head is challenging sometimes. I thought that by trying every avenue, I may be able to get more locations, but your right. I need to try and focus on one thing at a time and get comfortable with it. I have seen there are a few companies out here that refurbish and warranty their machines. That is the avenue I'm going f
  5. Hey everyone. I'm trying to get a vending route going in Arizona. I was thinking of starting a pop and snack route, but also looking at other possible opportunities that come up, and amusement vending sounds interesting also. I have been doing some research in the cities of Phoenix and surrounding cities and this stuff is complicated for amusement vending. It seems almost every city here makes you register your machines in their city, and pay certain fees per machine, from $20 a year up to $50 a year per machine. The main thing I'm having trouble figuring out is the state of Arizona has a
  6. I appreciate any and all feedback. Like I said I’m new to this business. I feel like a lot of people today don’t want to talk to people, so I was just throwing it out there. But I can understand the need for some people wanting to talk to an actual person. i also only got the idea because another very large vendor in my city has a setup very similar. (I found out because one of their machines was broken.)
  7. Just an FYI, this system would work with Full Line Vending as well as Amusement vending, but since I don't see a forum that wraps all 3 together, I'll just post it here. Don't want to make the moderators mad off the get go.
  8. Hey all, new to the forum, and vending, but I've gotten so much information from this forum that I would like to give something back hopefully. I'm a techie at heart and love creating systems. So while starting up my own company I was thinking about being a single person operator, and not wanted to get bogged down with phone calls about machines I have in the field. So I created a little automated system using Twilio, which only costs $1 a month to rent a phone number, and maybe $0.08 at most for each call you receive. Basically you can call or text it, and it will ask for a machine ID nu
  9. So I head a lot of good things about Quality Vending Locations.com, and I decided to sign up for their service. I've went ahead and paid their fee which I know I should have probably just hung the phone up and moved on, but I'm trying to be optimistic. There main website talks about their warranty and paying per location and all that, but when I contacted them, apparently their process has completely changed. They now make you pay for x amount of location leads instead of paying per location. There reasoning sounded sincere because they said that too many people kicking the tires were cos
  10. Hello everyone. I just wanted to start out by saying that I am so happy that I found this forum, and have years of experience to comb through. I have been debating about going into vending for about a year now, but about a month ago I decided to just pull the trigger and go for it. My uncle and cousin have a business going in Missouri for about 3 years now. And they are doing pretty well. They have 18 full line machines, and are pulling in pretty decent money. I was able to learn from their startup mistakes, aka healthy vending franchise. They spent a lot of money on these machines, although t
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