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  1. No. It's different on a variety of levels.
  2. Or you can try this instead: Place an acrylic box and a cardboard box on the counter and then place 9 other cardboard boxes in 9 different locations. Then see which does more sales and which provides income for a longer period. You can buy almost 10 cardboard honor boxes for the price of one acrylic box.
  3. I agree. As stated above, Sheridan and Cameron packaging make good products. I personally wouldn't spend $20 or $30 for a plastic honor box given my experience with Sheridan/Cameron cardboard products. The cardboard boxes I own from both companies have been on my route for a couple years and not one shows signs it will need replacing soon. They are holding up well against wear-n-tear. Theft or vandalism aside, the cardboard boxes are going to last at least a few years each. At that rate, each plastic box would have to last me 50-yrs just to make it worth the $20-$30 price. And, I'd just be breaking even on equipment cost at that point because ONE plastic box costs the same as TEN cardboard ones. But, more power to anyone making the plastic boxes work for them. To each his own. And anyone being creative and/or sharing sources around here is a GREAT thing.
  4. Thank you for the update. This is all very much appreciated.
  5. Sheridan Systems does make a good box. Another option is Cameron Packaging Their boxes are well made too. I own boxes from both mfr's. You can't go wrong with either so long as the dimensions fit your needs.
  6. sherlock


    So you PAID for machines that will require lots of time, work, and supplies just to get them looking good enough to place in a hard-to-find location that is willing to accept machines you yourself will still feel might be too unattractive for most public locations? And you did this after reading THIS thread? Did you not read any other threads? After buying the machines, using time/supplies, and paying your employee, what are these machines costing you?
  7. Like Rodney69, I also think they're great machines, but over priced. I get all the reliability, durability, looks, options, and quality I need for a much lower price using NW, OAK, and A&A equipment. Frankly, I don't give a rat's tail WHY they're overpriced. All I care about is what I'm getting for my money. If I'm not getting a substantially better machine to match the substantially higher price, I'm taking my business elsewhere.
  8. Here's what I posted earlier in this thread. And I stick by it. My list of preferences is in no particular order, by the way....
  9. I'm not the biggest fan of Beaver machines but my experience has been similar. Actually, I've had more cracking/breaking issues with Beaver's glass globes than with their plastic bodies.
  10. Interesting. Do you have a link to their page. I went to their site and found nothing mentioned.
  11. I'm glad all threads related to this subject were combined. No sense sprinkling it all over the place. It may make good fertilizer, but we're not trying to grow a garden here.
  12. Great to hear. Thanks for posting this review. Please keep us updated...it's been a long time since a locator was doing well around here.
  13. Guess maybe we should combine all of these old threads into this new one..... http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/10801-anybody-need-help-finding-locations/ http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/11322-im-here-to-help-do-you-need-locations/ http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/13185-if-youre-looking-for-a-locator-give-me-a-shot/ http://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/20046-locations/
  14. Great comment. We all need to keep this in mind since we all get pessimistic from time to time. The bottom line is, there are likely non-profit organizations somewhere in your geographic area. If they are making ends meet, it's probably because there ARE some people who care about charities in your hometown....although you don't always see it. If things really are tough for charity machines in your area, make sure you are using a LOCAL charity rather than a national charity vending program. If the locals are a little cold-hearted, they are more likely to support a local cause before they'll support a national one.
  15. What good is it to broadcast our opinions on locators? Broadcasting a locator's deficiencies isn't good enough because too many people want to be spoon fed reviews rather than going out and finding the info already on this forum. Use the search function and you will find all you need to know regarding Eddie Bauer.
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