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  1. I'm probably going to order a coinco 9302 gx. It looks exactly like the coinco 9300 that is in there now just MDB style so I'm hoping it'll mount exactly like the old one. The validator is going to have to interface to the card reader that is going to be installed so surely ill need a harness to make that connection right?
  2. Could you point me towards one? Want to make sure I’m grabbing the right thing.
  3. As stated in another post I’m putting a MDB module in a FSI 3076. Reading up on the BA32F validator and it seems I should be able to keep this unit as it’s capable of MDB. Its currently using a 9pin connector. All I should need is the correct MDB harness or is there more to it?
  4. Thanks for clearing that up! Machine is doing well and while data would be nice I’m really just getting it to max sales. This location is really close to my job and it’s easy for me to pop in as I please to check on things. These were starter machines priced so well I couldn’t pass up. In the future I’ll be buying newer to avoid this amount of retro fitting.
  5. So the module won’t let card sales go through? I specifically Told the guy that’s what I wanted it for and he said it would work. Guess I’ll have to find out.
  6. Yes. I’ll be using a Parlevel card reader. I figured at least a coin mech due to the module taking up the plug spot.
  7. Here is the link. https://www.capitalvending.com/KIT-MDBMODULE-SNACK.html
  8. Just received my MDB upgrade kit from capital for a FSI 3076 to install a credit card reader. My question is are the existing coin mech and bill validator going to be useless after I install the module?
  9. Thanks! Sorry I didn’t specify but yes they are the narrow columns.
  10. Thanks for the answers guys! Going off memory here until I get back to the machine but I think they were riveted? You guys have to cut them out?
  11. Amazing you guys were just talking about this today. I have a 276e with the metal style clips. Think the previous owner either bent a few of them way up or had product snag it somehow. Either case, I applied pressure to force them down some. Still seems to not let cans vend occasionally. Should I be looking to get those things out of there? The location is under video surveillance so I’m not to worried about the machines being rocked.
  12. Recently got set up in a location. Cash is doing fairly well but I’d like to add some card readers. Been looking around at Nayax, Parlevel, Usatech. Seems like most want to get you on the phone to even find out what a single unit costs for some reason. Is there a go to brand you guys prefer? What the cost of a unit? Seems based of resellers that I’ll be looking around the neighborhood of 300 per.
  13. Getting ready to place a couple machines at some Philly apartments in a laundry area. They requested I get some detergent and dryer sheets for the snack machine. Shopping around on amazon, the pricing seems inconsistent and the sellers might not be dependable with keeping stock. Does anyone have a good online supplier for these single serve laundry items?
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