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  1. I had the same problem and replacing the battery corrected it. Keep in mind I am new to the vending business! so take advice from me at your own risk!
  2. Thank you both for the help! I have ordered 3 shims and 3 rods. La Canteen, I left a note in the comment box for them to pass on to the owner... I'm sure he will get a laugh out of hearing from you via forum, ecommerce, customer comment, via website employee... LOL I knew you guys would have the answer!
  3. WARNING – I am new to vending so expect stupid/newbie questions ahead! You have been forewarned your are proceeding at your own risk! 😊 I am helping my son start a small town vending route/business. We have a DN 501E MC/SII-9 we are working on and its currently configured to sell 20oz bottles out of the first 4 selections (columns), columns 5-9 are already setup to vend 12oz cans. We would like to vend only 12oz can from the entire machine. We live near NBS Vending so we purchased the wide column plastic can shims from them. However, NBS doesn’t carry the narrow column metal
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