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  1. was getting daycare locations tough for you? i still haven’t tried to get any... seem like they’d be a tough in. they would be perfect for the products i vend though(gumballs/bb’s).
  2. so have you personally used rhino pros that have failed you? what were the issues?
  3. the rhino pro is the only machine i’ve bought. i think it’s rather sexy looking andhas given me no problems in the year plus i’ve had them out.
  4. i finally tried berry blast today, wow, these are a game changer! softest, best tasting gumballs i‘ve ever had. wish i hadn’t waited so long to try them out. wish i could get these cheaper to put in all my machines.
  5. i’m curious how much product you guys have had to throw out due to almost no store traffic for at least 3 months? i can imagine those doing candy and chocolate can’t be having a good time right now. even though i only do gumballs i’ve still thrown out a good 6 cases worth.
  6. how would you feel about walking in to one of your locations to find that it is now being used as a door stopper? i encountered this with one of my gumball today machines and wasn’t sure what to think. on one hand i thought it was kinda a bs move to treat it like a piece of wood, but on the other hand, you certainly can’t miss it now. i ultimately didn’t say anything.
  7. yea, it sucks to see something you spent so much time building get wiped out so fast, i hear you. at least you didn’t lose the movie theater account. did the jiffy lubes tell you you can bring it back when it’s over? the jiffy lube 2 minutes from my home told me i could, but the other jiffy lube never called me to remove my machine. of course, i worry that they just lost my number and threw out the machine, so i’ll likely check on it today. what did you vend for bulk? i am lucky in that since i only do gumballs, i won’t waste much product, since they last so long in the machines, but those who do chocolate and other candy must have tons of it going bad(or looking bad) in the machine, and i feel bad for them.
  8. i’m losing so many locations between stores closing, and being asked to remove machines. feel bad, man. i can’t go to the gym(key for sanity, but everything still closed in MA), and can’t really do anything, period, so all i have is time to think , and it’s depressing. i know it’s selfish to be too down considering everyone whose in the hospital right now but i can’t help it. anyone else have it really tough right now?
  9. all my indoor playgrounds are permanently closing... those are some of the best locations. this really sucks
  10. in massachusetts, things are opening up VERY slowly. i haven’t serviced since mid march, as all my locations are customer driven. most of them are still closed or only doing takeout/curbside(essentially the same as closed as far as my machines are concerned). i will head back out there in a few weeks when dine in pizza shops begin to resume(that makes up a big chunk of my locations). a couple of my best locations have permanently closed over the past few weeks, and am dreading there are more to come, and others that will show me the door.
  11. did you ask the manager about the rack? maybe they put it in the back room?
  12. i haven’t collected from any of my gumball machines in well over a month. of course it’s tempting, but i’m in massachusetts, one of the hardest hit states, and like you, i’m afraid some will have me remove it if i show up. i’ve actually had several locations call me to remove it due to the virus. i plan on heading back out in a couple weeks depending on if things are getting a lot better.
  13. i personally love them.
  14. i would take out the product and look at the wheel. if the 3 slots in the wheel aren’t circular, they’re not meant for gumballs/bouncy balls/toys. the wheel vending gumballs shouldn’t look like the one vending m&m’s.
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