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  1. these are ones i got from five star vending on amazon so they’re not in a box, he labeled them as 1 inch but they’re clearly not... i just got 5 pounds worth of the watermelon ones. it worked when i tested it a few times but i don’t know if it will work every time.
  2. i ordered a bunch of watermelon dubble bubbles that were supposed to be one inch but there’s no way these are over .75. will those work fine in the gumball wheel? don’t want any getting stuck in the machine. the two locations i put them in yesterday are a couple of my best earners so can’t have any problems. thanks
  3. i personally love the rhino pro machine(other than the “problem” which caused me to make this thread), that’s why i feel bad about it. i love the quarter turn cash drawer... so easy to have quick access to your money. i love the look of it, if you buy it in black it looks damn stylish for a gumball machine. the stand is incredibly sturdy, the metal body is cool, i love how easy it is to assemble. none of the 40 i have out have given me any issues(i’ll admit it i only started around 7 months ago). maybe they will in time, but as it stands, this machine has been great for me.
  4. can this thread be deleted? i feel bad about it now after seeing that most brands coin mechs also don’t go back to home position all the time.
  5. especially because many owners use “lack of space” as their out but if they saw the size of machine i use in person(vs the photo i show on phone) it could go a lot different.
  6. the part where you talk about walking in with a machine, this is what i wrestle back and forth with every time i go to a location to make my pitch. part of me feels like that is being too intrusive, so i often don’t do it, but another part feels(and knows) it’s likely will lead to more success getting locations. it has worked for me before, but it has also gotten owners annoyed. a picture is worth a thousand words but seeing the machine in person is worth far more pictures.
  7. i don’t think you’re being rude at all, man. i like seeing everyone share their thoughts and experiences.
  8. are you really doubling your income though with a double head ? i feel like people will buy one or the other anyway. if there is only one thing to buy, they’ll still get it.
  9. i don’t know if this is a silver bullet, but indoor kids playgrounds do well, and there are lots of independent ones so they’re not too hard to place(i have 4 so far but hoping to get more, definitely look into these if you haven’t already!). pizza shops are really good because kids aren’t going to hang out at a sit down restaurant but they’ll ride their bikes and hang out at different pizza shops. independent sporting good stores are great, i have one at a pro shop at a hockey rink that’s great too. then of course there’s laundromats/barber shops/ice cream shops/oil change... those are what i’ve been successful with so far and i know there’s a lot of kids going to al these places. i remember you mentioning daycares, i tried a few of these but have been unsuccessful in placing any so far.
  10. i only do single head gumballs too, and also noticed numbers drop this month(though not to your extent), so i think weather is a factor for sure. as for locations, i was thinking oil change and auto repair shops were basically the same thing initially, but have definitely learned otherwise. while jiffy lubes(oil change priority) always do $15+ a month, meineke(auto repair a priority) did $7 in 3 months. i had another auto repair/tire shop that sucked as well, so i’m done with auto repairs. i’m still not quite sure which locations are oil change priority shops though besides jiffy lube? you definitely want your gumball machines where kids/teenagers frequent, they are the main buyers from my experience, so i think you have to be more selective on where to put machines vending gumballs versus machines vending candy. where else have you seen duds besides auto repair?
  11. thanks for being the voice of reason. i know when i was a kid, if i went to use the machine, and wasn't automatically able to put the quarter in, i'd think something was wrong with the machine, and move on. to be fair, i wasn't the brightest kid.
  12. do you think it’s a matter of it being sticky though or just bad quality? doesn’t seem sticky to me. it’s happening at all my locations, all 40 of them... sigh, this is not good lol.
  13. i normally just run the standard 8 flavors of dubble bubble, but i’ve decided to add watermelon to the rotation. not sure yet, but i feel like they’ll increase sales since kids will find it cool that they look like little watermelons(and they taste really good). i’ve also added home run gumballs to a sporting goods store i have, and also to a busy pizza shop next to a baseball field that gets tons of foot traffic. another flavor i’ve been adding is hot cinnamon... seems like a good winter flavor lol. also i got a request for smoothie gumballs so i added blueberry smoothie to a few locations.
  14. so it seems like most of the locations i go to, when i arrive the mech is looking like my attached photo. always turned a bit so someone would have to turn it back slightly to use again. i fear i’m losing sales due to this. is there a good way to clean the coin mech so this doesn’t happen, or are rhino coin mechs just lousy? i only run one machine, the rhino pro.
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