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  1. i bet you're referring to claw kicker, right? when i watch his videos, i roll my eyes. seems to be a good dude otherewise, but who is he fooling?
  2. i was going to say the same thing as others. a big gumball machine looks great, but it's pointless with the stale gum that would end up in there. i've been ending up with a lot of stale gum in my rhino pro since covid, and that's like 400 gumballs when full.
  3. fords is so expensive though compared to concord. maybe for you guys if you’re buying pallets it’s worth it, but i can’t justify doing that. it would be nice though to know the gum is staying soft in the machines. does cold weather not effect fords shell? from what i’ve been noticing, and i told gumball guy this, being out in entranceways at some locations turns the gum into rocks, but they’re not stale once you chomp into it, and start chewing. wish there was such a thing as weather resistant gum lol.
  4. good to know. the blue cases i’ve got from sams are definitely better than the green bj’s ones(they’ve now discontinued them entirely). never had sams ones that were stale out the box though so far. as for concord in general though, it’s unacceptable to me that concord has never addressed the purple fading issue. i’ve mentioned it to Lola many times. i’m sure many people have. how hard can it be to test out a new dye? ford gumballs never getting hard does sound intriguing but it’s just a lot more pricier for me.
  5. i think your first sentence was a typo? i was always cautious about hard shells before, but with corona sales, so many locations i’ve been testing have hard shells now i’m almost to the point where i don’t want to bother replacing them. have you lost any locations due to hard gumballs? it is really annoying the shell gets hard like that, because once you get past the shell, they’re still fine.
  6. you test them at a location and it makes that audible chomp, or do you keep them in there figuring the customers are expecting that anyway?
  7. he didn’t answer. i texted him too. let’s keep each other in the loop with this.
  8. just wanted to let you guys know that i contacted lola about the shortage. she said that is a question for the brokers, and she gave me the number to the broker in my state. i haven’t called him yet.
  9. i’ve noticed this too. only one bj’s club within 25 miles had them when i bought them a couple weeks ago. now it looks like they don’t even have them.
  10. thanks man. if i do decide to run a 2 head, do you have any suggestions on a good toy to run next to the bouncy balls? profit margin is key for me.
  11. could a single head basic bouncy ball machine work? i was hoping to put a double with gumballs and bouncy balls at a basketball facility. they don’t want the gum but would try the bouncy balls. i’ve never run them in a single before. they’re 27 mm i’d run at 50 cents. i’m guessing if they were gonna sell anywhere, it’d be at a place where the sport is centered around bouncing a ball?
  12. my sales have dropped so much since corona. i can see why people are looking to sell their business ugh
  13. was getting daycare locations tough for you? i still haven’t tried to get any... seem like they’d be a tough in. they would be perfect for the products i vend though(gumballs/bb’s).
  14. so have you personally used rhino pros that have failed you? what were the issues?
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