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  1. tried contacting them but their office is still closed apparently for the holidays, as for the pin connection at least I don't think it's as easy as plug and play because there is no plug or pin connector for a DBA all the board has is two wires labeled DBA and that runs into the MBA. Is there not a simple solution to putting a new one? I know you mentioned that you don't know amusements but how do you install yours? I would assume you do vending machines but are all of them plug and play or do you have to pull the connector head and actually connect wire to wire to get them to work.
  2. @jayhawk22 I tried looking it up and I believe this is a screenshot of the dip switches on bank 1, hope it helps
  3. Hello, So this is my first time posting on here and I found the forum due to a similar situation someone had back in 2014 and i'm really hoping you guys can help me out, so I purchased my first claw machine the "big choice" by bentson about a week ago its a old claw machine and the coin mech is working fine and accepting credits but this version came with a dollar bill acceptor from ardac and its very old so when I finally got it up and running I put the dollar bill in, it feeds about 75% in and then it would spit it out, after looking inside this dba I noticed that the one belt was snapped and the other was about to be snapped to. I would consider fixing it but this model is so old i'd rather put a new one in but the issue is that I don't know to much about dba's and the connectors are completely different because the ardac I have is a 13pin connector and the newer ones such as MEI are only like 8 pins, this ardac also has this really big Manufacturers bill acceptor box on the bottom that the harness connects to although I have noticed other bill acceptors only need the 8 pin connect and a power supply and they seem to work fine but I can not seem to find a solid answer about how I can upgrade this and i'm about to pull my hair out. The claw machine uses a pulse system if that makes a difference and because of the size of the door I don't think it can accept a dba with a mag on it, I took as many pictures as I could to help show what I am trying to say. If anyone could please help me upgrade this I would really appreciate it...
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