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  1. When you say cooled, do you mean to say there are refrigerated snack machines or cool like the AP's with a fan. Would you guys know of a snack machine that you could put soda's into. I have seen a few snack machines with bottles placed in the coils, but always thought it was a nifty trick to push a location over until a dedicated soda machine could be installed.
  2. The spot is the only location that they have to put a machine in. It is a covered cutout that has the ice machine and the DN501E in it. There is no other place on the property that a machine would fit. The motel is well run and only offers rooms on a nightly basis so none of the typically motel problems with weekly rate people. The property has a front desk with a direct line of sight to my machine plus a camera pointing right at it. Its a small town with little crime. I am aware that I will have to service the machine more often, but I was already having to do that due to the micro market drink sales. The account does roughly $80 on a bad week to $190 on a good week only on sodas. I have the sodas priced high at $1 a can. I have also have a variety Gatorade column with 12 oz bottles from Sam's which does fairly well and water bottles another good seller in the summer months. Around $30 of sales have shifted from the machine to the market since last year. I have seen a roughly 20% increase in overall sales from last year. Covid-19 hasn't really affected this location other than less travelers in the weekends. Being in direct sunlight, I am afraid of the fish bowl effect. I am afraid that I'm going to have to tell the owner that I can't do anything for him with regards to the combo machine. Maybe that will make them turn a room into a vending area where I can move my machine into.
  3. I have a guy that refurbishes machines, and he told me that he would be on the lookout, but he hasn't found anything yet. I have been looking for used Outsiders, but they are few and far between. For this account, I am willing spend up to $2000 on a machine, but the AMS outsider is $5000+ and used the lowest I have seen is $3500.
  4. There is no space on the property to put it inside. The market is temporary it was only to hold them over until I could get them a combo machine. They don't really want the hassle of stocking and dealing with food in the market. They will switch it to sundries and phone chargers if I can find them a machine.
  5. First time poster, but long time follower of this forum. I have an account with a DN501E outside covered in a nook its setback but it does get direct sunlight for 5-6 hours a day. Its a exterior corridor motel, but it is ran well therefore there has been no theft or damage in these years. Mostly construction workers during the week and travelers during the weekend. Its basically in the middle of nowhere with nothing around it but some restaurants, gas stations and a Dollar General near it for 10 miles. After 9:00 PM everything around it closes therefore no food or drinks. The soda machine does decently well because of this. Last year while they were doing renovations, the owner inquired whether we would be able to switch out the DN501E with a combo unit with some snacks. At the time, I did a little research, but wasn't able to find a cooled combo machine that would handle this type of environment with 5-6 hours a day of direct sunlight. The owner just wanted to stock some chips and crackers to satisfy a need for late nights snacks. At the time, I told the owner that I couldn't find a cooled combo machine, and I would be on the lookout for one. While they were renovating their office/lobby they set up a small snack market with some chips, popcorn, candy, mac and cheese boxes, and they set up a small fridge where they have me stock the same sodas as in the machine for those who get their drinks and snacks together. Due to COVID-19, they have since closed their lobby and now sell these snacks and drinks through the window. Its become an extra work for them to wait for the customer to decide what they wants and how many. They really want a combo machine to reduce the number of items in their market rather than keep stocking snacks and having to worry about expiration dates. What kind of machine would you guys suggest for this location. I have researched new machines like the AMS Outsider which it way too much for this location. The machine has to be a combo able to sell cans and water bottles with a cooled snack area for chips, crackers (Oreos is apparently a good seller), and some candy and the ability to fit in the dimensions of a DN501. I appreciate all suggestions.
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