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  1. Scratch that, It was a mislabeled motor assembly. Thanks anyhow!
  2. My USI 3130 recently stopped vending E5. It reads fail when I test even after I changed the motor assembly. Any suggestions? Thanks Dan
  3. I currently vend Zephyrhills stiff bottles of water in the single column of my dn276. The bottles are selling very well and I want to put them in a double column. Will they work and can you share the configuration? Thanks, Dan
  4. I need a combo. Do they make combos at that size
  5. I need a machine that's 30 inches wide or less. Can you recommend a brand and model that fits those specs? Thenl only reason why I bought the Genesis is becuase it met that requirement. I usually stick to DN, USI and Royal. This is my only combo.
  6. I managed to get the Pepsi bottles vending . They seem to be working on the number 5 cam selection. I'm still having trouble with A&W 16.9 Oz. I've tried every cam selection so I'm wondering if I need to tighten up the rear spacer. The out-of-stock paddle is clearly depressed so I'm not sure? the A&W bottles are shaped different than most bottles so maybe they are not vendable? If anyone can provide some feedback I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Dan
  7. I'm having a similar issue in a different DN 276E. The Rods are set in the middle position and the brown five position cams are set in three. Coke bottles seem to vend well but pepsi is vending every other cycle and it double vends when it does. Can you give me any advise. Thanks in advance for sharing. Dan
  8. Yeah, it started doing it when I went to multi price. Maybe that's normal?
  9. What does it mean if my Dixie Narco 276e has a single "." In the display. It doesn't say "Ice Cold......" like normal. Thanks in advance, Danny
  10. Thanks, the starter fixed it.
  11. I'm new to the snack business. I have a USI 3130 that's in great condition but the light bulb that doesn't work even after I replaced it. I don't see a standard ballast that I can test or replace. Can anyone give me some advice?
  12. I forgot to mention that the A6-II credits the machine $1.00 when powering up then accepts Bill's until the three LED flash error code happens. I'm not sure if that helps.
  13. I'm having a problem with my Genesis go 380 Bill validator. I just purchased a refurbished one from Capital Vending. It's a ICT DC 12 volt pulse. The model number is A6-II. It accepts some Bills but eventually fails with a three flashing LED light code which is sensor failure. It failed one time after only 3 bills and it's accepted as many as seventy before failing. Is it a problem with the validator or possibly my dip switch configuration? I currently have the dip switches all turn to off except for number 7 is on. I'm not at all familiar with these pulse validators. I also have a brand new ICT DC 12 volt pulse model number L70-US600i. It does not accept any bills and is flashing twice where you put the bill in. That error code is "disable". This unit has two sets of dip switches. One of them is a 10-count switch and all of the switches are in the off position except for 5 6 and 7. It has another four position dip switch and all of them are in the off position. Can anyone help me get either one of these validator is working? Thanks in advance. Danny
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