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  1. I'm planning to start upgrading some of my machines to accept credit cards. I know my DN5591's will work but I'm not sure about my DN276. I have some standard and some E series. Can either of them be upgraded? I'm also wondering if anyone recommends a particular brand of reader and place to purchase them? What's a fair price I should expect for the unit and monthly service fee? Thanks in advance!
  2. The bill validator needed to be rebuilt. I really appreciate all the knowledge your sharing in this forum. Thanks AZVendor!
  3. It ended up just being the very high humidity levels in my garage. Once I placed the machine in a climate controlled area it's perfect. Thanks again for all the help AZVendor.
  4. Thanks for all the insight. I ordered LED and upgraded all of my DN 276 models. In the big picture it was very inexpensive and easy to do. Well worth it. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks AZVendor. I moved the tube and it's working perfectly. Thanks Again!
  6. I found it. I'll install it and see what it does. Thanks
  7. I set the thermostat to 3.5 and both fans are blowing well. The machine is currently in the middle of my garage so no issues with being too close to the wall. As far as the thermostat cap I'm confused. Can you give me any direction based on these pictures. Thanks for all the help.
  8. My Dixie Narco 5591 compressor is turning off when it hits about 50 degrees even though the thermostat is turned to its coldest setting. It doesn't seem to matter where the setting is at the compressor continues to turn off right around 50 degrees. Is that my thermostat "knob"?
  9. I've been working on my DN5591 in my garage. I installed a new condensation pan (see attached pic) but it overflows. I live I SWFL and its unbearably humid. I also have other machines running in the garage making it even more warm and possibly more humid. Is my pan likely overflowing because it's a indoor machine that's being used in my garage? I don't want to place the machine and have it over flow in someone's waiting room. Thanks in advance.
  10. It was the key pad. Swapped it out and it's working perfectly. Thanks for all the help.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I will try and post the results.
  12. My bill validator on my DN 276E was working fine but started rejecting the bill immediately after it attempts to pull the bill in. It pulls the bill in about 1/4 inch. It’s a COINCO MAG50B and the red light is solid indicating it’s functioning. Any suggestions?
  13. Where is the best place to purchase florescent light bulbs for the front of a DN276 and DN276E? Is a LED upgrade available and worth the investment? Thanks, Dan
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