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  1. It double vends every other. The cams are the brown ones with five settings. This machine does not have rods. Thanks again.
  2. My DN 276e is double vending Sprite 16.9 oz with the cam setting set at 2 in the middle column. All the other coke 16.9 oz cam settings are set at 2 and they work perfect. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks Dan
  3. I would like to vend 20 oz water in my Royal 660. I live in South West Fl and I'm unaware of anyone selling Dasani 20 OZ except the Coke distributer (which I dont have an account with) I'm told the 660 doesn't like Zepherhills 20 oz. Can anyone tell me if the 660 will vend Zepherhills or where I may be able to get Dasani 20 oz in SWFL at a decent cost? I know the Dasani 20 oz is injected with nitrogen making them able to vend. Thanks, Dan
  4. I purchased a used DN276e. After startup it reads "Set Model Number" then says "CTRL". I haven't loaded it with product but I suspect it will not work. Can you give me some advice?
  5. I'll just swap the deck and take the old one to my HVAC friend. Thanks, Dan
  6. I vacuum pumped my DN three-deep compressor deck and I'm ready to add freon. Does anyone know how many pounds or ounces it holds? It uses 134a. Thanks, Dan
  7. Changing the stop settings to cans fixed the problem. Thanks for all the help. Danny
  8. I'm having a problem vending 16.9 Oz Sprite in this same machine. The bottle gets hung up randomly about every third vend but it's not consistent. The machine tested about 20 bottles without any issues while in the shop prior to delivery. The problem started only after delivery. The pins are set to 16/20 oz like all the other coke columns and the machine is level and not binding. After it fails to vend it "sounds like" it's trying to vend again but is not successful. It then displays sold out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Danny
  9. Thanks for the replies. Currently I've been using AZ's technique but it's slowing wearing on the concrete lip at the garage door lip and I can see it will eventually be a problem. I will check with a local welder to put a ramp together. Thanks again to all.
  10. The warehouse where I store my machines has a 2-inch lip in the concrete where the roll up door opens and closes. It's always more work than it should be to get the machines in and out using a pallet jack. Can anyone suggest a good ramp that I can purchase to get the machines in and out easier? Thanks in advance for your advice. Dan
  11. I'm trying to Vend 16.9 OZ coke in a Royal RVCC-660-9 but it vends every other bottle. Can this machine vend 16.9oz? If so can you share the settings or what I'm doing wrong. Thanks Dan
  12. My G10 credit card reader is sending a message to USA Live that says "Coin Jam in Column Four". The coin mech is a Vortex that only has three columns. I know Vortex are piece of junk but I just haven't had time to swap it out. Anyhow, the coin mech seems to be working fine. Is that just a case of the coin mech not communicating properly with the G10? Thanks, Dan
  13. It ended up being USA Tech sent them as Pulse instead of MDB so they had to reset them. Thanks again for the help! Dan
  14. Thanks Chris, I guess my problem is where does the MDB for the control board go? I'm new to card readers so still learning. Thanks again!
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