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  1. I've swapped out the light bulb on my USI snack machine twice but both times the light bulb flashes and quits working. I'm using the standard F14T8CW. I also swapped out the starter but the bulb still flashes and quits working. Could it be the ballast? Thanks, Danny
  2. My DN5591 key pad sometimes quits working but when I unplug and replug it in the key pad works for a few more weeks. Is that a bad keypad or maybe just the connection is poor?
  3. I own rental properties and for the convenience of my tenants I installed four vending machines on the properties. I don't make much money with them but they keep my tenants happy. All four machines have credit card readers and I'm curios what (if anything) USA Live will report to the IRS. I use Quicken to do my books and I'm not sure the best way to enter the records. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks, Dan
  4. I have another question about my Go380. On the bottle side of the beverage portion I usually vend 16 oz Dasani, and two flavors of gatorade. I've never had a problem. Can I vend just about any type 16 to 20 oz bottle in those columns? I'm placing the machine in a new location and I need to know what its capable of. Thanks, Dan
  5. I'm moving several Royal 660 machines. Is a 27X36 pallet Jack the best size? Any suggestions for the most versatile jack would appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  6. What size/type light bulb does a RV 804 take? It seems like it's a little shorter than 6 feet? Maybe I'm not getting a good measurement but it seems like it's about an inch shorter. Thanks,Dan
  7. That's funny, I just placed the order with Ryan from snack attack. It's worth the money since he is quick. Thanks again, Dan
  8. The machine previously vended all cans so I dont think it's a 20oz shim? I corrected the cam and it seems to be working. I guess I need the rods. Can you tell me the best place to get them?
  9. I had the brown cams set to 5 and its vending fine. I'm just worried they will jam again. This machine was working perfect for a couple weeks then it jammed. I'm not sure how the cams got set to 2? Could that have happened when it jammed?
  10. I loosed them up but now they are not vending then the next double vending. I'm guess they were maybe too loose. Currently they have about one inch of play between the bottle and the white bars that hold the bottles in place when the door is open. This machine doesnt seem to have rods like my other machines. Please see pic. It has brown cams and they are set on 2.
  11. It's the narrow columns. Are you thinking the backspacer is too tight or too loose?
  12. I'm having difficulty vending 16.9 oz coke bottles and my DN 276e. I'm using can shims but it jams occasionally. It seems like it jams more often when it's full of product. Can anybody give me some direction? Thanks in advance, Danny
  13. I have a potential account that wants to vend juice from a Royal 660. I've done Arizona and Gatorade but they are looking for other items like OJ, apple, maybe V8 splash. Has anyone used these type items in a Royal 660 and if so what flavors and sizes? Thanks, Dan
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