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  1. In my experience, it seems that the column's motor switch is bad. The motor is supposed to stop rotating when the switch goes into the first dip but I hear the switch keep clicking. I would first try replacing that switch with any other motor's switch. If the column homes after switching but the other column doesn't then you will just have to replace the switch. They are cheap on Ebay👍.
  2. The Royal G3s are my favorite machines so far. They vend 16.9 more reliably than any other machine I've used to vend them. What I love is basically no shims needed for cans, 16.9oz , or 20oz. Great machines
  3. Aww man, sorry to read that. You'll find an even better location though and with Covid-19, i bet you'll have time to get a good list of leads.
  4. I did a quick search. Do they have crazy shipping prices like D&S? Overall experiences?
  5. @AZVendor Thanks for the tips, will have to try out the screwdriver banging. It's like those white clips weren't made to be taken off haha @donut just terrible design haha. Thanks for the reply
  6. Lol, thanks for the quick response @orsd i did the same thing with the tape when i replaced my flavor strips👍. Poor design on DN's part. The Royal stack machines have much better design; in G3 machines you just pop out a small trim piece holding the strips together and replace.
  7. Hey guys. So I have had trouble changing out flavor strips in my Dixie Narco E series machines. There is barely any space to maneuver especially when flavor strips have broken inside the button or cut to exact length. Ive had to remove the selection switches ( and barely any space to remove those nuts) then take out the plastic button to take the flavor strips out. What is the proper way to change out the flavor strips ( that i am failing to see)? Also, I have a Vendo 720 and those have gauge bar clips for different package sizes. I cannot take the clips off without prying with a screwdriver but I am always afraid that I will break them. How are you supposed to take the clips off without breaking them or deforming( the screwdriver method leaves them way looser when reinstalling them) I know these questions have common sense answers but I have been scratching my head for a little while on these things. This topic thread can be for anyone who has total noob questions about small things and we can help answer each other.
  8. I know a product called Easy Off will take paint off of plastic but I don't know if it would strip any of the design underneath. I would try as a last idea because then worst case scenario, you feet another front anyway.
  9. I agree with Southeast Treats on this one. If not the battery if would have to be the ram on the board but that's probably worst case scenario. It might be power flickering or it might be someone that sees the pricing go down one they disconnect machine and connect it back up.
  10. @tblake05 I have a tommy gate liftgate. I actually had some luck with mine. My father was at a junkyard looking for some parts and found a liftgate on a pickup. They sold it to us as scrap ($30 in total). The metal cable was in good condition but had to change the solenoid and topped off the hydraulic oil in the pump. Hooked up the wiring to the pickup and new solenoid, bolted on to the chassis and added some paint. Works well for a fraction of the price.
  11. Hindsight's always 2020. Got a liftgate on my pickup now.
  12. @lacanteenA few hours after you sent me Arnie's extension info, a got the email response back from inOne and funnily enough, it was Arnie. I told him that you recommended him and he wanted to extend his thanks to you for recommending him. He helped me troubleshoot the board and once we decided it was fried, he asked me for the board's serial number. There was no sticker on the front so i took the board off the little cubby and I found what caused the short.😭 When I purchased this machine, I had to take it out of a location and I laid it down for transport. This was probably in the cabinet and miraculously landed behind the board. Anyways, board is fried but will get replacement soon. Thanks to all who replied, mystery solved.
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