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  1. I just landed 2 locations after a year of correspondence and have to install in both this week. I was looking to compare. These are my prices are currently: LSS: $1.25 Candy: $1.35 Pastries: $1.50 Cans: $1.00 16.9oz: $1.35 Energy Drinks: $2.75 ( dont sell too much)
  2. What are your prices looking like for the basics, 16.9 , candy, 20oz, pastries, chips, etc?
  3. What would I need to do to have my Royal G3 804 Machine report cash sales? It currently has the red button board, would a Royal G3 Plus Vendor's Board work on it? Also, where can I buy the bracket to mount the VPOS Touch Nayax Reader? Thanks in advance.
  4. Ahh yeah i wondered why sometimes cans would drop when closing the door. Thanks for the guidance and part number👍
  5. Yeah some people just like different things, ill agree there. However, do you know where I can find the springs as AZvendor called them? Or do you know how i could make them? If the switches are good, id rather not replace the actual switch.
  6. That is wierd but could be caused by a couple things. If there is a stuck bill, the bill validators will be flashing an LED code. It could also be that there is not enough change in the coin mech. The coin mech could have stopped working. If connected to the same outlet then a rare thing would be an electric surge could have fried both validators but would bave also fried the boards too. Let us know what you find
  7. @AZVendor I'm not going to debate you over preferences although all my DNs require STS and even that programming is bad because you have to wait for the scrolling message to stop and no way to do it quickly where as Royals you simply toggle the columns for each selection. Having a vend sensor is definitely better than not having one and I much rather prefer changing a single rod to change between bottles and cans than having to carry different shims, spacers and cams. The chain assembly is another superior aspect because you can have one replacement for whenever it goes bad rather than ha
  8. @Vendo Mike @AngryChris@AZVendor Yeah i get the machine is old and such but if I'm not mistaken, Royal came out with the g3 somewhere close to that time. What really sucks is that Dixie Narco (nor Crane) ever came out with a Vend Sensor that would have really made the 501e a better machine. Also my bashing is not unfounded because out of the stacker machines ( which I believe the 501e was the last from DN), its the worst. The G3 is way better in terms of package vending and package sizes, 12 columns instead of 9, and a vend sensor. The V21 is great and on par with the G3. However, im not
  9. Hey guys, So todays questions is about Dixie Narco's stupid design on their pre-membrane selection switches. All of my DNs have the older style selection switches which go bolted on to a metal bracket support and have a harness of quickconnects and also have small white plastic covers that press the selection switch in when you press the clear plastic selection button. In several of my machines Ive noticed the SS# error indicating a stuck selection switch so today I messed around at one of my accounts. I took the nuts and screw off of a "stuck switch" and pressed the selection switch butt
  10. And it's mostly the people using the machine once a month too🤣
  11. Who knows I sent them the dimensions so we'll see what they say on Monday. @AZVendor This machine is outside at my house the trash is leaves and tools on the side. I actaully got this machine for free.
  12. No, i don't know why that idea keeps coming up. Its a DN522R: https://www.flickr.com/photos/191867305@N02/50865115751/in/dateposted-public/ I gave them the measurements today and did not receive a response. I don't know what's going on at nbs but it seems like their service is declining.
  13. I sent the lady pictures (and she handles the order) but has never seen a machine like this. She was sending me a vendo blueprint and then told me the machine was 7up. Wow.. Eitherway ill go ahead and send her the measurements thanks
  14. Hey Guys, I am trying to replace the graphic fronts on 3 of my Dixie Narco 522R Curved Front Machines. I tried NBS but the lady there could not find the model 522R, she told me she asked someone else in the office and they did not know of it either. I had tried NBS in 2019 and was sent the correct blueprints (they wanted me to confirm the dimensions) but I cannot find those now that I need them. Should I be asking something different? Are there different companies that will make these graphic fronts?
  15. So ive set up the entire machine for bottles. For the pepsi bottles be be on the small package size rod position and coke bottles (a little wider) are set on the large package setting. I will need to inspect the teeth and check if the spring is still connected to the actuator. I will follow up on this topic in a couple weeks because that is when I will ho service the machine again.
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