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  1. Those are good ideas! When I got the account, the guy had small chips bags at 65 cents so I went to Sam's got the LSS bags and put them for a dollar no problem so far. I also asked them for recommendations and got some more of their pastries in there. I knew I had to switch over to LSS but I said I would raise to $1.50 so as to not make the workers unhappy. I'll wait another couple of months before trying to raise prices on the bottles I guess. I don't want to be rash and lose an account over a $0.25 increase.
  2. How would you guys deal with this situation I am in. Got an account selling 20oz at $1.25 and only have met the people twice now. They were not happy but not too upset either to receive the news that pricing had to go to $1.50. I can get 20oz for $22 a case from a friend. Any ideas or tips? How long should I wait to up the price again?
  3. @tc vending-- I agree with you completely, I can get 16.9 bottles for around 55 cents and sell them well at 1.25. The thing is I bought a route recently and the person selling the account ( not new to vending he has around 700 accounts) was giving the 20oz at $1.25!!! So I went in there and spoke with them that prices have gone up but they could get 16.9 bottles at $1.25. They said they'd much rather the 20oz bottles and I told them I could do $1.50 and I would absorb the cost for a few weeks they said no problem. not a great margin but these people eat through the snack machine pretty fast. And this is my problem☹️
  4. Thanks for the reply AZ, I only have 1 account that is asking for 20oz instead of 16.9oz so I would not need too much product only a couple cases. I am going to call them and see how to set up an account.
  5. Hello, I would like to know what is required to start buying Product from a bottler. Do you have to be an LLC and/or have a vending permit? Do the bottlers check for this/ anything else? Also, what types of price should I expect for 20oz cokes and Pepsi?
  6. I ended up calling Royal and they told me that it was the board so I got one that I knew was good and switched it out. Closed the door and in a few minutes the compressor kicked on. Thanks again👍
  7. Thanks guys, ill try to get a replacement for the sensor. See how that goes.
  8. Thanks guys. Could someone let me know how to replace the temp sensor with a traditional thermostat? Also where do you all buy parts from?
  9. How would I go about testing the temp sensor? Is it the same part as the thermostat?
  10. In the FrIG setting, the cut in temp is 41 and cutout is 29 and the frg setting is set at 1. Im going to try bypassing the door switch and see if the compressor kicks in. Im running out of ideas. The only other thing I can think if is that the thermostat is not sending the relay the signal when it is above the cut in temp. One other thing is I keep getting an error that reads COLD and even after clearing it shows up.
  11. Thanks for the response AZ, the door switch seems to be working however because when I open the door , I press the service mode button and it sends me to service mode. However, depressing the door switch exits out of service mode and shows the greeting and the temp inside. Clicking any selection shows the price of the selection.
  12. Hello all, was wondering if I could get help to diagnose the problem on my machine. The machine does not turn the compressor on even after leaving the door closed for 30 minutes. The compressor runs if i plug it into the wall and if plugged into the junction box, it only runs once i test the compressor relay. The coils turn cold but i am only able to turn the compressor on by those two means. The thermostat is showing a temperature of 88 but the temp starts dropping as test the relay and close the door as much as I can without depressing the door switch. Any ideas? All responses greatly appreciated👍
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