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  1. And it's mostly the people using the machine once a month too🤣
  2. Who knows I sent them the dimensions so we'll see what they say on Monday. @AZVendor This machine is outside at my house the trash is leaves and tools on the side. I actaully got this machine for free.
  3. No, i don't know why that idea keeps coming up. Its a DN522R: https://www.flickr.com/photos/191867305@N02/50865115751/in/dateposted-public/ I gave them the measurements today and did not receive a response. I don't know what's going on at nbs but it seems like their service is declining.
  4. I sent the lady pictures (and she handles the order) but has never seen a machine like this. She was sending me a vendo blueprint and then told me the machine was 7up. Wow.. Eitherway ill go ahead and send her the measurements thanks
  5. Hey Guys, I am trying to replace the graphic fronts on 3 of my Dixie Narco 522R Curved Front Machines. I tried NBS but the lady there could not find the model 522R, she told me she asked someone else in the office and they did not know of it either. I had tried NBS in 2019 and was sent the correct blueprints (they wanted me to confirm the dimensions) but I cannot find those now that I need them. Should I be asking something different? Are there different companies that will make these graphic fronts?
  6. So ive set up the entire machine for bottles. For the pepsi bottles be be on the small package size rod position and coke bottles (a little wider) are set on the large package setting. I will need to inspect the teeth and check if the spring is still connected to the actuator. I will follow up on this topic in a couple weeks because that is when I will ho service the machine again.
  7. I found your channel a while back. Keep up the good work!
  8. I am having problems vending items from my 6th and 12th columns in my G3. I noticed that the teeth on the motor driven chain pull on the white plastic piece (actuator?) but the bottle does not drop. After doing it manually, I see that the white peice is free to move but the bottle only drops when I manually apply a little pressure to the rotating bucket(revolving part that moves so bottle falls). Is there something that I need to tighten/check? Also in one vend that i tried, something got stuck and the motor for the chain made a loud shrill noise then it stopped. I tested other columns and the
  9. Yeah they had canteen before and had 2 drink machines all different flavors which means they had atleast 9 more drinks selections than I currently do. Some guys are asking me for the tea and ginger ale. If I cant find them in 16.9oz then this account would be worth switching over to 20oz for.
  10. *I have not checked there bc things tend to be pricier there but I will check it out. Thanks *Also, i remember there is a guy on here that runs his route almost exclusively on 16.9 does anybody know who that is? *I also just stopped by shoppers and I was surprised to see them selling 20oz bottles in 6 packs @4.99 regular price but there was a sale going on : 3 6packs for $9 so it comes out to $0.50 a bottle(!!!) I just saw the flavored variety like ginger ale, sunkist, root beer, squirt(i have never seen that before in Virginia), Lipton Tea, but other main coke and pepsi products wer
  11. Yeah, ive tried going around but cannot seem to ever find anything besides pepsi, mtn dew, diet mtn dew, dr pepper, coke, diet coke. Cant find any of the flavors like ginger ale, orange soda, grape soda, etc
  12. Hey guys, What can I do to find more variety of 16.9oz bottles? I know most of the better locations will want bottles to open and close the bottle back up but I am not at the stage where I can order enough to justify going 20oz through the bottler. Are there any places or will I have to revert to cans?
  13. Currently have my small chips at either 80 or 85 cents depending on the location. I sell my cans from 85 cents to a dollar.
  14. Currently have my small chips at either 80 or 85 cents depending on the location. I sell my cans from 85 cents to a dollar.
  15. So the machine doesn't turn off and on like the reader, it's on the entire time, i want sure if it was too much of a coincidence that the cooling deck had stopped working the same day as the card reader. The day before they card reader was working fine. I dexed the machine today in the morning and there was no HOT error given by Royals as opposed to last night. However the reader keeps cycling. I already contacted nayax and a replacement is on the way. Also on my dex parsing it says that there have been hundreds of power outages since initialization whatever that means. Even if it's not the po
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