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  1. So the machine doesn't turn off and on like the reader, it's on the entire time, i want sure if it was too much of a coincidence that the cooling deck had stopped working the same day as the card reader. The day before they card reader was working fine. I dexed the machine today in the morning and there was no HOT error given by Royals as opposed to last night. However the reader keeps cycling. I already contacted nayax and a replacement is on the way. Also on my dex parsing it says that there have been hundreds of power outages since initialization whatever that means. Even if it's not the power supply, how would i test it?
  2. Hey guys, yesterday I got a service call about my Royal 660 not cooling.I had replaced the start capacitor about a year ago since the wires were ripped free (guessing rated chewed through). I moved this machine to a new location about 2 months ago and installed a nayax reader on it. Currently there is no bill validator just the cc reader. Its been working fine so I figured that it was just time to replace so i took a spare and swapped out. When i get there, I see that the card reader is rebooting over and over again. And the machine only cooled to 67 in like 30 mins. Im worried there might be a power supply error. How can i check the power supply?
  3. Yeah, look up upper panel for bevmax. Capital Vending in Maryland sells it same with Vendors Source.
  4. I would be putting cheaper stacker machines but would only do it inside. I have a couple machines at home that would do better atleast somewhere.
  5. Members of the forum who have apartment complex accounts. Are they overall good? Do you place them in the office lobby or clubhouse? Are the machines mostly active in the summer or do people buy from the machines throughout the year? Do you only look for locations with a laundry room/ rec room? How can I find good Apartment Complex accounts? Thanks, Ismael
  6. I know if any of my dixie narcos s2d's start having this problem, its usually the control board battery that needs changing so it might be the control board battery. What gets me is the fact that you say the prices are resetting to factory settings but rather to prices you had set a while back. In that case, there might be electrical damage to the board and thus to its memory
  7. Thanks AZ, I know you're in Arizona but would you know of any place local to northern VA? Would it work to take it to a small appliance repair and ask for recharge to 20 psi low side pressure?
  8. Hey guys, on a 501e that I have, the drinks have been decreasingly less cool every fillup. I found a chunk of glossy white frost buildup on the like 4 inches of the line coming out from the top right corner of evaporator and the accumulator was cool but not cold like when i touch the other accumulators on other working machines: https://vendiscuss.net/gallery/image/2297-img_20200619_120701185jpg/ I unplugged machine and let it thaw out then plugged just the compressor to outlet and closed the door (as per the Vending Works video i saw on youtube to test the deck). I left it on for like 10 minutes and the frost started forming on the line but not on the accumulator (line was way colder to the touch than accumulator): https://vendiscuss.net/gallery/image/2298-20200722_212108jpg/ also the cooling deck makes a hissing noise when on( idk if relevant) What could this mean?
  9. Here you go: https://youtu.be/I6bzYvHt2ek This guy is on the forum as well and very knowledgeable about these royal machines.
  10. @Kirkl Honestly, its much easier if you read the manual my friend, then ask specific, non-basic questions. What you are asking has to do with the escrow setting (whether the bill is held midway until you press a selection then it stacks or whether the machine forces you to vend by stacking the bill in the bill box as soon as inserting it). Reading the whole manual doesn't take too much time and will answer many of your questions.
  11. *********NEW QUESTION******** When locating/cold calling, do you ever go in to a location/ call Location between noon and 1pm? I don't want to interrupt someone's lunch and have that affect my chances of getting in. What are your thoughts.
  12. @Southeast Treats Thanks for the info man Thanks to everyone else as well for your input and advice!
  13. Cool cool, i will be fiddling with it today. Do you know where the card reader goes on this machine?
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