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  1. Yes, for Nayax you'll need the machine to be running on the mdb protocol, it's how peripherals like bill validators, coin mechs, payrange, and other forms of payment communicate with the control board. If your bill validator and coin mech connect to each other and to the board with a 3x3 (9 pin) connector then you must upgrade however if they connect using a 3x2 (6pin) connector then you are using mdb. Nayax will work on these but depending on the eprom versions of some machines, they may not report cash sales
  2. I'm having an issue with a Royal G3 with a blue button KO board version 67325-2. The nayax reader stays on for a couple minutes then reboots. It's on a cycle and does this every 10-15 minutes, on some days it can stay on for a couple hours before going back to the same thing. I got a warranty replacement and it's doing the same thing. It's puzzling because everything else stays on ( bill and coin acceptors, display, cooling deck, etc). I have another G3 same control board version and I have no reader issues with that one. It is just the reader that is rebooting. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Would it though? The compressors are that much larger than standard fridge comlressors and theyre not opened as often. @Page R if you have time to clean it up and get it working well and to service it then look for a location and place it would be my advice.
  4. I guess for now. Hopefully i dont get a call on Monday.
  5. Ahh man sounds like a pain but way better than having to replace the board ($$$). I replaced the switches with the good working ones and wasnt able to replicate the errors with the door closed even after 30 vends. Im gonna go ahead and just replace all of them to get rid of any headache. Thanks to all who replied.
  6. @AngryChris In service mode i test vended those columns showing the price several times with no issues. Shouldnt the selection read "Try Another Selection" if the switch doesnt move? After it spits out the money you can press the selection and it will still read the price and not "Try Another Selection" . I don't think its coincidental that all the switches have gone bad at once there is likely a deeper root issue but I don't know what it is.
  7. I am at the machine right now. I arrived and the situation is as follows: It says try another selection on 3 selections then displays the price on the rest. When i put 2 dollars in for a selection that is showing price, it says vend but then returns all the money and does not vend. I have brought working vend switches from another machine to test it and while that solves the jammed column error, it still says Vend and then returns the money @AngryChris @AZVendor
  8. Unfortunately the Dixie Narco 501e machines did not come with a drop sensor.
  9. I have a dixie 501e that is acting wierd. The account says that says it keeps displaying try another selection for all selections and then spits the money back out. I went to check it out yesterday and the machine said there were 3 jammed columns once put in service mode. I checked and none of the columns were actually jammed. It homed one column and all that did was drop the next bottle. Then i successfully test vended the columns in the machine and no jam nor misvend. After, I purchased a couple of drinks in sales mode and it worked fine. I left knowing it worked but got another call today saying its doing the same thing. The bill validator and coin mech are working because i tested them. I know the columns are not jammed because i tested them. Does anyone have an idea of whats going on?
  10. I just landed 2 locations after a year of correspondence and have to install in both this week. I was looking to compare. These are my prices are currently: LSS: $1.25 Candy: $1.35 Pastries: $1.50 Cans: $1.00 16.9oz: $1.35 Energy Drinks: $2.75 ( dont sell too much)
  11. What are your prices looking like for the basics, 16.9 , candy, 20oz, pastries, chips, etc?
  12. What would I need to do to have my Royal G3 804 Machine report cash sales? It currently has the red button board, would a Royal G3 Plus Vendor's Board work on it? Also, where can I buy the bracket to mount the VPOS Touch Nayax Reader? Thanks in advance.
  13. Ahh yeah i wondered why sometimes cans would drop when closing the door. Thanks for the guidance and part number👍
  14. Yeah some people just like different things, ill agree there. However, do you know where I can find the springs as AZvendor called them? Or do you know how i could make them? If the switches are good, id rather not replace the actual switch.
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