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  1. The info does exist here about how much you can make but it does take a lot of research. I'd advise going thru each of the subforums and reading the guides which most of them have. Asking "how much can I make" kind of seems like the wrong question though. After reading about all of the various forms of vending I think you can make a good income with most of them. What type of vending interests you? Which type of vending can you see yourself going out and doing? How much time are you willing to invest? Ask yourself those questions. I did a lot of research on this site before recently starting my own vending route. Here are a few of my takeaways. 1. Do something mainstream that's been proven profitable by others, and has plenty of startup information available. 2. Stay away from oddball vending such as bathroom vending, cigarette machines, healthy vending, and biz ops 3. Atm vending sounds profitable but requires a lot of capitol to keep the machines full of cash. 4. Bulk machines seem profitable but take a decent amount of money for equipment and lots of locations. 5. Drink and snack machines sound like where it's ultimately at but takes a lot of startup money to buy machines. 6. Honor box vending is low startup costs but requires a lot of locations. I went the honor box/ mint & candy route because it's really inexpensive to start out. So far it's working really well. I eventually plan to reinvest my profits into buying drink and snack machines and slowly transitioning to full line vending.
  2. Neither of those sound particularly great. Smoking continues to decline so you have an ever shrinking (already small) pool of customers, and you're very limited on where you can place the machines. The fact that they're already illegal in most places means they run some risk of becoming illegal in Texas. The resale value of the machines has to be almost zero. Cigarettes are highly regulated, heavily taxed, and subject to increasingly stringent laws. If you're new to vending why not start out with an easy product that's sure to work?
  3. Good point. I recently started a route after researching here. Researching and reading old content takes a lot of time and effort. The information is there but takes a lot of digging thru posts going back more than 5 years to find most of what I was looking for. It's not like this forum is overrun with too much content, or posters, so just telling people to research, or being rude, doesn't really help the forum. Forum growth would help even the most experienced long time posters here as well. When much of the content needed exists here, but is 5 yrs old, it wouldn't hurt to offer updated information to newbies. That said, I recently started a candy/mint box route and put out 100 boxes to start so if anyone has questions I can help with I'll be happy to help. If anyone has adviceI'd appreciate it.
  4. I'd like to start out by thanking everyone here who's contributed over the years. I've spent months and months reading this forum and read years worth of posts. It's led to me finally starting my own vending route. I decided to start a mint and candy route using the boxes which contribute to charity. Today was my 2nd day placing boxes and I've placed 35 in 2 days. I spent about 3 hrs each day. I was surprised to find placing the boxes was very easy. Putting the boxes together, putting the labels on and filling them took longer than placing them. I'm anxious to service them next week and see if they actually make any money. Thanks to everyone.
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