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  1. Does anyone know how to change the price on this rainbow crane? Also, does anyone know how to adjust the claw strength? Thanks for looking at my post.
  2. Thanks for replying everyone. I just took out the bars on the bottom and let it vend one can at a time.
  3. Hello everyone I am hoping someone help me with a question I have. I own a vendo 720 soda machine and it is not dispensing correctly. When I put a can or a bottle it doesn't work. Both will vend out on the second vend. Is there anyone who can help me figure out my problem?
  4. Thank you,AZVendor I'll be sure to try out this solution.Thank you for your time and response.😁😁😁
  5. Hello Everyone, in vending forums.I'm sorry to ask,but I'm just wondering.Does anyone know how to change these snack machine spirals/coils?I haven't tried to change it.I just don't want to break the machine.Also sometimes they struggle to rotate would happen to know why?Thanks in advance for your help!!
  6. Hello everyone thank you for taking the time to read my post.Unfortunately I am having trouble with my vending machines credit card acceptor.I believe it's a airvend creditcard acceptor.I saw all its plugs were plugged in the antenna and the power cord hooked up to another cord.I was wondering if anyone can tell me a solution.Or if there is a button somewhere located on the cc to make it power on.Thank you in advance. (Will upload more photos upon request)
  7. Thank you guys I really appreciate all of you replying.You are all a great help.I will do this solution tomorrow and follow up.Thanks again everyone in advance.
  8. Hello everyone in the vending world.I am having trouble with my vending machine.I hope someone who has time can answer my question.I currently am trying to figure out the vending machine below.It has 8 buttons but 12 columns.Currently the first and second button vend from the same column.Is there a way to correct that?
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