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  1. Totally makes sense. Reminds me of playing D&D with those HP wheels vs having to erase and rewrite it all the time. I feel so much more confident now. I know exactly what I am doing monday. I am taking Sunday off! Thanks again!
  2. This is awesome Chris! Thank you. I dont have anything else to ask now except follow your advice and ask what is accepting "scroll"?
  3. Man I love this, you are so thorough. How long have I been doing this? 1 week. I bought a machine on Saturday and found 7 locations this week. I am quickly trying to fill them, who knew the need was so high?! To take the National 167 and AP 7000 to the level you are talking about, do I just do a new door for $1200 and call it a day, wrap it with health fending (and stock what sells) or something slick or just tuff coat/paint it. What about replacing the dated looking buttons, are there a way to update these? I have a bus depot that has 200+ hungry drivers that had a line of 10 people waiting on BOTH machines when I went in on a wednesday afternoon. They seem very interested but wanted to make sure to put my best foot forward.
  4. Chris you are amazing man. Thank you for helping me through this. I have one more question for another location. They have a large vending company, Evergreen Vending, they have new machines but aren't stocked well. They are brand new and honestly pretty sexy with CC's. Can I compete with old machines if I have great service as they are 2 miles from me?
  5. Thanks so much AngryChris. Do you think this revenue is a good projection, this was from the owner saying he got about $1500-2000/yr in commissions. I checked out the locations, there are 3 busy locations and 2 in smaller towns. All were in great shape and some of the nicest laundry mats I've ever seen. I didn't see any damage to anything, machines were 10 years old but in nice shape. Patrons were calm and bored. Here are the stats, They have 3 locations with 40 washer/dryers and 2 with 80 washer/dryers. I have found some AP 7000 and crane 167 for $500 and tracking down soda machines. Combos was an option but man they are expensive! I can't find them for less that $2000. I can find single price for $250 and Multi for $800-1000. What would you suggest?
  6. Haha. It seems so. Well i attribute this to learning the tradecraft. For $200+ plus gas I think its a cheap lesson. I just scored a 5 location contract today! I need 5 soda machines and 4 snack machines. They estimate $10-15k a year they received with their 15% prodit share. What machines would do well in laundry mats? These are in pretty nice locations. 40-80 machines, refinished with calm customers. Just visited all of them today in 3hrs. I would imagine the vs99 in my home town would be fine right?
  7. Ok. Looks like I'll go with the tuff front, for the push button lenses, mime are a little cliudy but work well. I have a lekrto vend vs99. Where would i get new ones? Could I just buff these with a dremel? Same question for the trim, there is about 2 scratches on the trim about 1/8 and a 1/4 of an inch, the rest looks fine. I'm just trying to get rid of the wood paneling and make it look good. I'll take a picture and post in a minute.
  8. Thanks so much. I just talked to them today, I'm looking at doing the tuff sheet. How are the corners done so they look nice? Do they slide into each other?
  9. Dang that looks amazing lacanteen!! Do you have more? Is that a InOne Door?
  10. That makes a lot of sense Chris! I'm literally 2 days into vending. This forum is so great learning the ropes. I was just wondering because i bought a 30y old machine and wanted to see what others did.
  11. Anyone have some Vend Porn on how they took old machines with wood paneling and suped it up to look like a 2019 machine with new tech? Let's see pics and prices!
  12. I tried bic lighters, chapstick and life saver mints today, worked perfect.
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