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  1. I'm definitely open to working with easier products, but what kind of income could I be looking forward to with snack / beverage machines. I was recommended to stay away from Combos...
  2. It's my understanding that you're only allowed to dispense tobacco in adult only designated areas, atleast here in the state of Texas. I've recently talked directly to the Texas Comptroller; I figured that it would be a novel solution for people who like to go to clubs and have ran out of cigarettes. As far as the Hot food vending machines, I do mean refrigerated food that gets heated. I thought it may be an interesting concept for a large office environment; a company I had previously worked for had a micro market that would often sell out of frozen goods to eat, especially breakfast and afternoon snacks. I did a little research and found those Bicom Vending machines interesting. Perhaps my ideas and vending strategies aren't the most thought out, however I think that those types of vending would provide solutions to things I viewed as problems. What are your thoughts?
  3. Fair point! Does anybody have experience in Tobacco Vending or hot food? If so, what kind of roadblocks had you dealt with or are you currently dealing with that may be informative to someone new looking into either space?
  4. Greetings gents, Extremely new to vending! I recently got referred over here by the good people of Parlevel. If you have any wisdom you'd like to grace me with I'm open to any & everything. Gavin
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