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  1. Thanks for the response but I should have elaborated briefly on all the things I have done and config settings were already done.. *Gasp*
  2. I have a nat 431 food machine that I have been trying to get to have cashless option as well as the dex file. I have replaced the board and change eproms 431.20 , 431.19 versions and also tried a USAT eport setup, Cora with 4&1 bezel reader and also Seed cashless . I even replaced the dex cable..
  3. I found that there was a small wire inside the wire that connects to the airflow sensor that was broke..
  4. I have a 472 with the on-board cashless bezel. It will not accept card payment and this is what I did. 1. I checked the RSSi # and it -63 (25 bars) 2. I check to see if the machine recognizes the on-board cashless (Yes) 3. I checked all the settings and made sure the bill acceptor and coin mech didn't have a malfunction 4. I unplugged and plugged in all the wires on the main board. 5. I replaced the cashless bezel with a brand new one and nothing. anyone have any ideas?
  5. I only see three temp sensors (472 Combo) where is the 4 temp sensor?
  6. For some reason it made me put a price tag on it.. but the merchant files are free..
  7. Times have changed , don't ever be nervous about higherend items.. I have Jack links, Whey bars, clif bars, 6 0z combos, 5oz gummies snacks and my pricing ranges from 2.50 to 3.50 and we are selling.. Last year I introduced the 6 oz combos to my plan-o-gram and in one years time I sold over 10K at 2.75/3.00 each
  8. I have a university that has over 150 snack machines , I have had the account for going two years now and all of a sudden the bill acceptors stopped taking $5. Some of these are Conlux CV1012 U5M and MEI VN 2512 U5 . The MEI BA's can have hard reset done by using the switches rather than using the machine. But the Conlux BA's will not even reprogram from using the Configuration coupon slip. I have tried multiple config coupons and nothing. I thought it was possibly the telemetry devices but being we use USAT, Cora and Altas on board telemetry it has made me think telemetry is not the culprit.
  9. All the equipment is national 167 or newer All beverages are newer nothing older than 5 years. The machines all have worked for a while prior and all signal strengths are fair or better. I made the DTS files were condensed on the merchants. I thought at first maybe antennas damaged and even ports..
  10. I have a merchant combo and it is not cooling originally replaced cooling unit because the condenser was not getting frost buildup, but then the new unit did the same thing . I check cold control and it was working. Then I tried to run the diagnostic but when I clicked on it the display did nothing.. this is in a prison so it's very difficult to get in multiple times. Any ideas would greatly help..
  11. Has anyone been having a significant calls lately for cashless not working? And if so what have you been finding as to why?
  12. Media/Crane/Dixie Mass File View File I have uploaded a mass amounts of files for Merchant Media keypad, 7 inch and 9 inch touch as well as telemetry info and 5800 cheat sheets. I hope that anyone could use these tools in this file. Submitter Kingpacks Submitted 01/10/2020 Category Vending Tools  
  13. Atlas board is the main board and the IO is the tray board.
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