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  1. Thank you for the feedback. I did get the ATMs plugged in so that the keypads don't loose their charge, but it does look silly in my garage at night. Free night lights I guess. Having a charging station is interesting and maybe that's something I should do by running power to each keypad specifically while its still mounted in the ATM. I am and mechanical engineer and know about electronics somewhat. I guess if I knew the voltage supplied to the keypad and bought some connectors, I could probably find a power supply to do that? Ultimately I need to find a business to put these in and not worry about it. Side Question: Are there any more forums out there I can refer to for knowledge and info that may be helpful for me? I have been doing this for 5 years, but all self taught and always welcome anyway to learn more. Thx!
  2. I have a couple questions relating to this topic with keypads and hoping someone here can help me with. I have small business that started 5 years ago and only have about 10 ATMs in service, so my cost to repair parts makes a significant hit to my revenue. I recently acquired 3 ATMs from businesses that were closing down: Hyosung NH-2600 (Working fine) Hyosung MX2600SE (Working Fine) Hyosung 1800SE (Needs Keypad Fixed/Replaced) From what I have learned, the 1800SE needs new keypad because the battery has gone dead and it has lost its firmware. The business I acquired it from had it in a back room for couple years unplugged and hence probably the main reason the keypad battery died. The other two ATMs (NH-2600 & MX2600SE) are sitting in my garage, unplugged waiting for me to find a location to place them. My question is, if these stay unplugged am I risking the keypad on those to go bad too? Are they any different then the 1800SE? I really dont want to keep 2 ATMs on in my garage all the time. Thanks up front for any help.
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