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  1. Where can I buy these price scroll holder clips ? I am missing about 10 from a used machine I bought.
  2. Where can I buy these and what are they called ? I found out the previous owner removed these washers and that's why the select switch was not working right !
  3. THOSE WERE REALLY HELPFUL REPLIES THANK YOU it makes a lot more sense now
  4. This may be a newb question so please don't bite. Can someone elaborate on the advantages of buying a MEI CF7512 ? From my research on this site, the COINCO 9302-GX is considered to be one of the most reliable coin mechs made ? Is there ANY advantage to "upgrading" to a MEI CF7512 ? What is the point of having more tubes ? If you have a card reader is it less important to have that much change capacity ? Can someone please explain the pros and cons ? Why would people pay 2 x more for the same functionality ? Is it just about giving out more change ?
  5. IF you are vending bottles that have the SAME DIAMETER as 12 oz cans, you will FOR SURE use the SAME 12 oz can spacer and just change the cam setting only. Some of the 16.9 oz bottles use the "can" spacer as well. The back spacer is adjusted so there is little play at the end. (no matter what you're vending)
  6. Is one more preferred by customers than the other ? Do customers get confused by the 4-in-1 bezel ? I like the "no additional holes to drill" BUT the standalone card reader has it so a customer inserts their card, the MEI 4-IN-1 bezel does not. Any advice on what to go with ?
  7. After 2 different readers and endless calls, USA TECH never solved my problem. They are too busy to help the little guy. I called Parlevel and decided to give them a shot. Now taking cards after about 3-4 days. I have a dedicated rep, I have his actual cell phone number, I could not be happier with the service. highly recommend Parlevel. Closing my USA Tech account, useless crap. The difference in service and attitude is staggering.
  8. Do you think Vendo has those panels new ? Southeast Treats, thank you for the Novus plastic scratch remover idea I will give it a shot !
  9. Hi guys so one of my workers took a hammer to the top of a Dixie Narco 501E. The machine cools GREAT, does everything perfectly. I don't know why he beat it with a hammer. He said it 'froze' but I believe he took or smoked something that day. Anyway.... Is this fixable or is it forever fugly ? I tried searching for "door trim pieces" but could not find anything at all. thank you
  10. Hi can someone please recommend an easy but effective method of clearing out the scuffs and scratches from the front of a Vendo 721 that has Live Display ? Is it plexiglass or acrylic ? What is the best way to remove scuffs ?
  11. What is the right way to disconnect this red connector wire ? Or does it come off with the small screws only ? I tried pulling, pushing, twisting.. nothing!
  12. Mainly Because I HAD NO CLUE WTF I was doing When loading the 501E do I have to manually turn and fill the rotor with the 'first' drinks ?
  13. THANK YOU. I will basically save everything. When the machine is plugged in, it trips the power circuit. Also looks like someone dropped it from the 2nd floor of a office.
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