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  1. UYeah I am not sure what I have here, I believe it has been refurbished because it looks like who ever done this knew what they wanted to accomplish it has a paper tag that has been tapped down covering model and voltage at both locations stating VN-2511 both places they are listed on the validator. 24v has been written in sharpie under the dip switches I removed the tag and under it it says AE2411U5 115vac... I really do appreciate you guys helping answer all my questions. I got great news yesterday, after meeting with 2 business owners yesterday I secured one of the locations. It’s a full service Carwash that will do way more volume than I am used to. Failure isn’t an option here for that reason i am gonna order the 9302gx as well as another validator.. if something happens i need to change em out quickly
  2. I had a feeling the vortex would have a short service life, it does seem like a bad design. I got it shipped to me off eBay for $60 claiming to be refurbished, at the first sign of trouble I will switch it out for the 9302-GX. Back to my validator issue I read on one of the older posts here that the. MEI VN-2511 is pulse only, and will not communicate with a mdb coin mech. I did follow the installation guide on the vortex where I put it into count mode, it allowed me to put the coins through the machine without displaying the amount on the screen. I’m still left with the same problem as soon as it accepts its first bill it goes into 2 flash fault mode. I believe I need to order a mdb validator I have intentions of offering more expensive items such as energy drinks, I would benefit from being able to accept larger bills 5s should be suffice. Is there any specific models you guys would recommend? I have the y cable for connecting the mei vn series if I go with another I may need different wiring
  3. I also didn’t mention when the validator pulls the bill in, it doesn’t make it all the way to the stack. It lacks about another 3/4” before it would be correctly in the magazine
  4. Thanks for your recommendation I realize now I was just over thinking it. I couldn’t find a clear answer because almost any mdb coin mech would work. That’s like asking what brand tires go on a 2008 Honda Accord. I ended up buying a Coinco vortex vtx-100 because I got for such a good price. Now that I have it I kinda wish I would have went with the 9302Gx. What is your thoughts on the vtx-100 as far as features/reliable? I am not a big fan of the way it doesn’t stack the coins and has to stir them, to me it just seems like something else that could fail. Everything seems to be working fine with the mech so far, I do have an issue with my VN-2511 validator when my machine is first plugged in or unplugged/plugged back in to reset both the coin mech and validator goes through its initialize process and checks out ok. When I put a bill in the validator it Accepts the dollar and gives me my credit, vends my selection and gives me correct change, the vend price is set at 55cent. After that the mei bill validator stops working and gives me 2 red flashes. Coin hoppers 2 rolls of coins each in them so I don’t believe it is for lack of change. Even though the validator is in fault mode I can use coins in any order correct change or go over the preset price of 55cent and the machine will vend as well give me my change if needed. I am going to continue trying to research this problem to find a fix before ordering a new validator. I would appreciate any advice, I am going to be a vending machine technician before this is over haha
  5. Hello my name is Jonathan, Thank you guys for allowing me to join. I am a full time commercial plumber looking to start a small vending business I currently own two drink machines DN 276 as well as a DN 501e. I have only been at it for a little over a week now the 276 is running great in a slow location however the 501e needs a little attention before it is ready be placed. I have learned a great deal looking through the forums I would like to thank everyone for donating there time and knowledge, 7 days ago prior to discovering your site I knew nothing about vending machines... I purchased a DN 501e from Craigslist that seems to be in great working order other than the coin mech has been removed. The bill validator is present MArs model VN-2511 I believe it has been refurbished and someone has wrote on it in sharpie 24v. There is a Y cable Present connected to the validator that leaves me a 6 pin connecter for my coin mech that I am missing. Despite all my searching I can’t find a clear description of what coin mech I should choose from the approved list written on the machine. I would like to operate the machine using multi price. If someone could point me in the direction of the proper thread, or maybe we could create a topic... choosing the right coin mech/validator combination for the SllD I would be very appreciative. Thanks for all advice I apologize for the length
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