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  1. Is Biocide 100 Disinfectant toxic? I found it on candy machines.com and I am considering buying some. Is it able to be used in all parts of the machine? A link to the product is below https://www.candymachines.com/Biocide-100-Disinfectant-Quart-Spray-Bottle--P7275.aspx
  2. I went into BJs to make sure they were out because I thought the site might be wrong. Luckily they had 3 boxes left
  3. They are out of stock in my area and not available online. Have they been discontinued? I'm out of gumballs to restock and need to purchase some soon
  4. I bought a pair of work gloves and they make it easy to handle the machine
  5. Thank you for the advise. I will move the price down in the next week or so and add in some key words to the post. The rhino machines have a lot of creases and some sharp metal screws on the bottom. I usually scratch up my hands moving them. I will likely pick up a pair of work gloves if I can't get the right buyer, I would hate to write off a $100 loss.
  6. I want to sell a 6 month old dual head rhino classic machine because they are difficult to carry compared to the triple shop machines. I paid $190 for it including shipping. Is there any hope of recouping the majority of the cost? I have a craigslist post, but after a week I have not received a single inquiry. I am hoping to not have to use it anymore but i suppose a thick pair of gloves would help in a pinch
  7. I have some low selling locations that I don't want to pull but I don't want to load them up with inventory. They hold 8-10lbs per head and 330 gumballs. How little candy can I put in each head before the shop or customers get a bad impression from the candy level? I use gumballs, skittles, and peanut m&ms.
  8. Do these drawers work well? I am concerned that they would be easy to break into, or that all the coins would get stuck in the turn mechanism and wont drop into the drawer anyway. They look great in theory because I hate having to dismantle and juggle pieces at every location. But, Do they work?
  9. I am learning quick but new questions keep coming up. I'd like to know on average how much a doublehead vending machine will gross in a month in a city of 100,000 versus a triple head. I am avoiding the triple because of waste concerns. By average I mean if someone had 1,000 double head locations in a similar sized city how much would the mean gross be roughly? $20? $25? I am using m&ms or skittles at and gumballs
  10. I will try my best to promote myself from now on since otherwise I'll be paying the locator to place the same machine many different times.
  11. Thank you for your response. If the gumballs do poorly I will have m&ms arriving from amazon that cost just 19 cents per ounce
  12. Thank you for your response, I am going to go ahead and try to market the machines myself once my two new ones arrive on Wednesday. How long do most locations last, excluding franchise locations? I would like to know in case I do poorly in finding locations myself and have to decide if hiring a locator will be profitable in the long-term. I have some experience in telemarketing, but I was a low performer except in one role where i did b2b appointment setting
  13. There are no other machines in the breakroom. It is in an advanced auto parts. Should I be worried about it being kicked out if a district manager comes through? I used a locator to find the store and they have a 60 day warranted for kickouts but im worried about getting the boot after 60 days and before i recoup the locators fees
  14. I have a follow up question. Are peanuts ok to vend? I think employees would prefer them and they are slightly cheaper than m&ms. But, I have heard that they should be avoided because they break and are salty and this can damage machines. Is that true?
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