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  1. Hello again, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Fortunately this update carries good news. I recently picked up a Vendo coke machine from 1991 off Craigslist for $100 CAD and used it to solve a number of my issues. Most importantly, it had the correct refrigeration unit in working order. The charge was a bit low due to a leaking schrader valve, so a friend of mine kindly used his equipment to pump the unit down and convert it over to r134a. Now the thing cools like a champ! It also fits much better than the old (Dixie?) unit, which was obviously for a larger vending machine and took up so m
  2. Vancouver, BC. Back when I first got this machine I saw a few vending machines on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace ranging from free to $200. If I'd had the room I would have grabbed a couple to learn on and use for parts. Now the supply seems to have dried up.
  3. Well the day finally came. I went into the shop on Thursday and heard a hissing noise coming from the vending machine. Opened the door and found it was room temperature inside. The compressor had evidently lost pressure. I haven't pulled it out yet to see where the leak is, but it's not hard to imagine that it was my JB Weld fix. A sad day indeed, especially since I'd just picked up a trunkful of soda to refill it with. Still, this otherwise scrap cooling deck managed to give ice-cold drinks for 10 solid months after nothing more than a tube of fancy glue and a bit of r134a. If anything i
  4. I should mention that I pulled the vending mechanism and door when I first picked up the machine so I could load all three separately into a pickup truck. Now that you say that most people just leave it in I have to ask. What is the normal way to move one of these? A large dolly and a box truck with a hydraulic lift gate?
  5. I'm well aware that any sane machine operator wouldn't let a fridge like mine go out in revenue service. But I've never claimed to posses a great deal of sanity, so this thing has been given a temporary stay of execution. With luck I'll have a spare deck ready to take its place the moment it fails. So until then it's mostly just a low-stakes experiment to find out whether a jerry-rigged repair like this can actually work for any length of time. Sometimes it's useful to know how long you can get away with doing something the wrong way for. Ever seen a mechanic's beater car? They're often a stud
  6. It's been a busy few weeks, but I've found a few more days to work on the Pepsi machine. I'm happy to report it is currently running and dispensing! Ahh, but it wasn't easy getting it here. My goal was to have the machine running by the 28th for a shop party, that way the guests could test it out and hopefully reveal any problems with it. I only got the machine ready at 2 AM the night before. To start with, the rusty carriage bolts have been replaced, the one seized adjustment foot has been loosened up, the door has been re-aligned, and more junk has been cleaned out of every nook
  7. I spent a little more time tidying the machine today. Got the temporary lights aligned better and removed the old dead ballast from the bottom. Realized the plastic face of the coin return is broken though, so I'll be adding one of those to the shopping list. I also swapped out a few of the flavour strips with the ones lacanteen sent. From normal height you don't notice that the Pepsi and Diet Pepsi labels are held together with tape, but up close they show their flaws. Ahh well, they're 30 years old. I forgot to take a picture but the door is closing better
  8. Oh, interesting, this unit has both types? I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out that the wide and narrow columns had different mechanisms. That makes a lot more sense now. While I'm asking dumb questions, maybe you can tell me why these units have both wide and narrow columns in the first place. Is it just for fitting one more column into a narrow machine? Or is it to give less space to less desirable flavours?
  9. Here's a real weird one for you guys. I'm starting a business that specializes in obsolete computer equipment, and one thing I would love to add is a floppy disk vending machine. And because I have a weird sense of humour I'm considering a spot on the bathroom wall to confuse people. Now I realize there's not much appreciation here for "ironic vending" but go easy on me. The place will function as a small museum so a machine like this is more about setting the tone than profitability. I've seen pictures of two different ones online but so far have never spotted one for sale. Does anyone
  10. Hello everyone, I'm very grateful for the existence of this site and for all the people taking time to fill it full of information. I've just entered into the world of vending machines and have a lot to learn about them. But my goal is a small one, just a single machine in a business I'm in the process of starting. I'm setting up a trial-sized computer museum and have decided to add an appropriately vintage Vendo V-312 that I picked up off of Craigslist. Just $150 Canadian! Now I've already had a couple people tell me the 312 is too old and troublesome. And while I appreciate the advice,
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