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  1. I couldn't understand why you are writing like this, then I looked at your Username and it all made sense. Feel free to have the last word, I won't respond to people like you any further.
  2. Amazing how easy it is to misread someone in an online forum setting. Because I am not rude by nature, I won't respond to your demeaning comments any further.
  3. Again, we understand not sharing proprietary information, can you understand that we need to know what our store partners will be expecting from us? It's a moot point now, of course, but we are explaining this to you so you can understand how a business with a large growth plan thinks, so that in the future you might be willing to enter into discussion. Not sharing proprietary information, but just an openness to help your potential future partner know what the stores will be expecting. We certainly believe we have a right to know, in general, what the stores will be hearing and expecting
  4. I think it's good to discuss this. While we firmly recognize your right not to share your pitch, you must also understand that we, as the business owners, would like to know what our store customers are going to hear. What are they expecting from us? Will we be able to deliver on what you tell them? We want to deliver what they are expecting, so we must know this upfront. The locator we found shared very openly with us what she would tell our store customers, we felt comfortable with matching what she tells them with what we deliver, so she got the contract for what will amount to 500 machi
  5. Guess we got you on one of your "rare" days. Probably not a good idea to be rude even rarely. But it did lead us to find an absolutely wonderful locator whom we have used to place numerous machines. She has worked for us for the past 4 months, even in the midst of the pandemic, and has done absolutely amazing work every week. People do not need to settle for rude vending placers, there are many choices today.
  6. But I'm glad to hear everybody having a good experience with Rodney, he was probably just having a bad day with me. By the way, our locator is wonderful! Her name is Jill and she's an excellent communicator and is working hard for us. I'll let you know when all 22 machines are placed.
  7. So you believe that businesses can be rude to customers, if there is a valid reason? OK, that's fine, I'm just not from that belief system. I'm old school I guess, "the customer is always right." I personally love being that way, really enjoy making my customers feel special, valued and appreciated. Yes, I take some hits sometimes, when they feel they can abuse me, but to me name and reputation are everything.
  8. This is perfect, don't know why I missed that in the downloads section. Thank you for the advice, also!
  9. I did that, nothing came up, which is why I asked here.
  10. It certainly could be me, I'm not discounting that fact. But when someone responds to a potential customer without any thought of kindness and consideration, very abrupt and even rude, then the "customer" probably will go somewhere else, even if the business has a good reputation. Again, it certainly could just be me, but I will not work with him, or anyone, who doesn't understand basic kindness to a potential customer. Obviously many others have a great response from him, so yes, it's probably me.
  11. Greetings, We are just beginning our vending business in Olympia, Wa. and are using National Children's Cancer Society as our charity. Does anyone have a NCCS script that we might present to businesses in our area?
  12. Mehehe, thanks for your comments. Yes I had read good things about Rodney and so was surprised at his total lack of courtesy and no customer skills whatsoever. I will indeed keep you informed as to how our locator does. Our 22 machines should be shipped one week from tomorrow and the locations secured shortly thereafter. The guy I'm using has 400 bulk machines in 2 states, and does locating as well, he was really good to talk with on the phone. Thank you.
  13. I don't know why your experience was so different from mine: he was very rude through email, so I just don't trust that he has any customer service skills.
  14. I believe he is the one who responded rudely through email, with no customer service skills whatsoever. I'll pass. I did find someone else and have contracted with him to locate our 22 machines. He begins next week.
  15. This is very helpful, thank you! And we also appreciate your ability to write clearly so we can understand.
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