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  1. Figured it out, alighned and adjusted stop solenoid and switch. Door lockout switch needed adjustment. Everything works as it should. Having problems finding HY900 Parts manual and I am not liking what I see for support or information. I bought 2 machines from a organization that purchased them for employee lunch room. They had mentioned to me that it was the biggest mistake they ever made and now I know why they said that. It seems the vending business is set up to be a scam for some. I will tough it up and help whoever I can to make a good honest living and easier than it is. Thks JoeB
  2. Hi my friend, I was feeling my way around (getting on this site, getting aquainted with the vending machines,manuals parts and schematics ex.) We had purchased a vending route from a vender who had machines and did not maintain them as good as I would. A few of the machines were giving us problems in the field and we were told to wiggle wires and ex which didnt add up with me. I am a tech ( I wont go into details) but getting information and parts on the machines are a nightmare? I had paid someone on another machine that had a cooling problem -who said he worked on machines charged me 300.00 to trouble shoot a cooling problem and a $1000 later and a new compressor- told me it was some kind of control problem and that he couldn't help me anymore!I asked if he checked pressure and if fan worked before the compressor was bought and he said it was the compressor! so I joined YOUR site that are seasoned pros to help me solve some problems that- At the moment need to be solved until I gather more information on the machines I have . I am a tech and know how to use a meter,check capacitors, know how transformers work and know about controls and logic but I need accurate information (parts, boards,schematics ex) that I am accumulating as we speak. My problem is the Shoppertron 430, at first the carausel would sequence back and fourth so I replaced the the position sensor. Now after running unit a few times -its not rotating and searching anymore! when I close and start the machine, The stop pin disengages but the carausel motor does not turn but everything else turns on like it should.I replaced the drive motor, position sensor and wheel and still does not work. The problem I am having is finding the motor capacitor and board for that drive motor and what feeds it. When I compare serial numbers to units list- they dont match (part numbers changed) I just found a schematic and hope the board numbered connectors and wire colors feeding those connectors will identify the board and voltages for testing and what they control. If anyone knows where the drive board for the carausel drive motor is located, that will help me out! I am not going anywhere and will be around for a long time! The More experience I get with the type of machines I have- I will share what I know! but I just bought the business and learning the VENDING WORLD and its dynamics and I dont want to bleed OUT before I start. I pulled the machine and have it at home and want to get it up and running.and put it in the field. I cleaned the evaporator, blew out the dust, corrected the past jury rigs,cleaned the bill validator and developing a maint. schedual as well as replacing parts as needed. ( I believe in upkeep) I thank you for your response and I want you to know I realy appreciate you responding! Now you know a little about me and my situation. If you or anyone has any helpfull information on the subject- please respond, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again Joe B
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