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  1. Thank you, Do you know where I can buy it from cheaper?
  2. Hello everyone, What do you guys think about the Dixie Narco DN 5591 drink machine?
  3. Can you please send me the link of the manual here.
  4. Also is $1,000.00 good price for this machine?
  5. Ok, thank you. Can any one tell me where I can find the manual for this machine?
  6. Other than that, do you have any other issues ?
  7. Ohh really there will be no camera in the location where I’ll be putting it. Also any idea how old is it. this is the model number. Model: RVCC660-9 Serial Number: 1458AK-02322. just want know if it’s credit card reader compatible or it can be upgraded. thank you 😊
  8. I am trying to buy the same machine to sell water is it a good machine?
  9. Hello everyone, im looking to buy five Small just water vending machines, any suggestions? Im attaching a picture just for an idea but I want smaller size.
  10. I didn’t know what to check for that issue, When I purchase my machines from Vendtech we were told that we have a life time technical support from Seaga, apparently things went south between Vendtech and Seaga they don’t work together anymore and Seaga don’t provide us with technical support anymore unless we pay $199.00 a year. i payed $85,0000.00 for 10 machines for a package includes technical supports and now I’m struggling to fix an issue. Vendtech point one person to help with technical support but I don’t think he is knowledgeable, he told me to replace the motherboard wish I did
  11. Lol 😆 I know I messed up big time, I had no experience when I started this business. And I just found out about this group. I'm glad I joined. I’ll make sure I’ll ask you next time before I purchase a machine. Thank you so much😊
  12. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with a Seaga N2G 4000 with side entree drink area. The good out function it's not working, When the drink runs out, it will still room dispense and show in a display enjoy your drink while it's empty, it's not shown sold out or pick another selection, I was told to replace the motherboard which I did, but the problem still there. Can anyone please shed some light? I’ll appreciate it.
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