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  1. AZVendor, thanks. Yeah, I've been doing all the right stuff. The water drains down and gets caught in a cloth I placed on the bottom left side of the cabinet. Is there supposed to be a drip pan somewhere? Also, how would you recommend searching for a licensed technician? A lot of HVACR folks won't touch vending machines. I want to study and get certified myself, but that takes time. David DeBord, thanks for the notes.
  2. Hi, I have a couple AP LCM4 machines that are icing up in the same way. On the right-hand side of the machine, the evaporator lines are getting huge blocks of ice on them. It's to the point that I have to turn one of them off every couple weeks or it will stop the drink in the slot above it from rolling forward. The machine cools the drinks fine, and it is at least 4 inches from the wall. The screen in the bottom is clean. I'm not sure how to test to see if the evaporator fan is working. That's kind of been what I suspect might be causing the problem. I am fairly familiar with how the cooling system works, but I have not worked on a combo machine before, so I'm feeling timid about taking it apart before I know what I'm looking for. I have attached some images. You can in one of the pictures that the ice froze in a pretty crystalline structure, whereas in the other photos it froze in little tiny crystals.
  3. Aha! I think my mech switches were set for a price below $1, so the validator wasn't engaging or something. It could also just be I needed to re-seat the adaptor cable. In any case, I got it working with the validator! I do want to try tjis out and see if it improves sales. I will not be trying credit card readers though!
  4. Hi, I am doing an experiment with some 40-year-old CoinCo vending machines that are designed to take only coins. I have gotten this machine to accept coins from a newer single-price changer with three slots, but I was wondering if I could get a bill validator to work with it. I have a BA30B plugged into the machine with an adapter cable used for larger single-price machines, and the bill validator is not working. My understanding is that the circuitry in this machine is all in the coin mech--if the coin mech says go, the machine unlocks the doors on the front to allow the customer to get one drink out. If the coin mech works with a validator, shouldn't the machine open? Does anyone have the knowledge to tell me if this should work of if I'm just kidding myself, and if it won't work, why not? Similarly, I wonder if a single price to MDB converter would enable me to use a credit card reader. I know this would be a waste of money, but just as a thought experiment.
  5. I got some direct replacement LED bulbs from a local lighting company, and they aren't working. I've tried them with and without the starter. My next logical step would be to try removing the ballast, but I tried that on a machine that had no light at all, and I think I mis-wired it. Any recommendations on how to figure out wiring for a machine with only black wires? It's really hard to tell which wire goes to what when they're not marked white and balck and green. And for those machines I have not removed the ballast on, do les anyone know if vending machines are just wired differently from regular flourescent fixtures these bulbs are designed for?
  6. Previously aknowledged. I'm going to try it in all my machines and see if someone likes it. If not, I won't sell it. Can't know unless I try... or ask.
  7. Corvus Corax, I understand that, and I assumed that might be it, but still the question arises: if no one likes them, why sell them? Someone must like peanut butter. Do they like them better than chocolate brownie? I can't think why they would. Lol
  8. You might try Pop Chips if you haven't already. They have a much longer shelf life than Lay's, and they're relatively popular, so even if they don't move very fast I don't have to worry much about them going bad in slow locations like you describe. I have a similar situation. Back on topic, I really think it depends how often you rotate stuff out. I've found that if I leave anything too long, it tends to lose traction. Grandma's cookies are nice, but when you have other options and you've already eaten six packages in the past month, you might want to try something new. Sometimes a mixed row moves betrer than a single-item row because it builds in the variety.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Southeast Treats, that gives me hope! I'll have to try them everywhere. I've been getting the package from Sam's Club, but when I finally figured out these guys like everything but Peanut Butter, I started separating them per row, and everything else moves. I haven't tried all locations though. Thanks!
  10. So, I know this topic is old, but I'm curious, because I've found that, wherever I put Grandma's cookies, no one wants to buy the peanut butter ones. There seem to be certain items that are viewed as "boring," like plain Lay's chips, and they won't sell, yet clearly people buy them, because manufacturers keep making them! Thoughts?
  11. Hi! I just became the owner of a 25-year-old snack and beverage vending operation my grandparents ran quite successfully. It's now gotten a little cobwebby, though, and I've been trying to catch it up with the times. I have CT 48 machines from (I believe) 1981 all the way to some manufactured in the early 2000s. Currently researching MDB and DEX upgrades for a lot of techy clients who don't carry cash. Just installed my first credit card reader and got myself hooked up with a telemeter to track sales data at my biggest account. I am also an amateur graphic designer and have been working on creating up-to-date flavor cards and experimenting with machine wrapping.
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