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  1. Also could you email me a picture of these parts?
  2. Yeah trying to get just one piece at a time. It's for at my desk in the office. people don't mind the 2 pieces but my mints are going away too quick Does anyone here know if SSF will take oak parts? If so then I can order these parts. this is a picture of the kind of machine i have
  3. If he does (Steve) let me know because they wont ship to Canada
  4. yeah i think i am going to order one off gumball.com https://www.gumball.com/products/classic-gumball-wheel
  5. Every one is 2 pieces and its not the width that's the issue its the depth sadly. the mints have to sit flat as that is the only consistent measurement so unless I can cut the height there is not much I can do except go to a gumball wheel but i fear the same issue as I cant tell from pictures how deep they are
  6. gotcha!! thanks for all the help
  7. So if i get a Beaver Wheel it would work with my SSF?
  8. Sorry another question. Are there other vending machine parts that work universal with SSF machines? Like looking at the beaver wheel will that work with SSF machines?
  9. Sigh... The more i look at it the more difficult it will be.. Because all the gears are on the bottom and the top is just a small sliver of plastic the metal pieces screw to. I would have to remove the extra 1/2" height amount from the middle then glue it back together, Might just 3D print a new wheel! I am surprised they don't make a half height wheel with a spacer for under it
  10. haha sounds like you had a lot of fun doing that! This would not be too hard to do to be honest.. And the only reason is that it is too deep. So this is the only solution i can see then just giving out two mints each vent which is not a big deal but it kind of sucks and will make them go faster!
  11. Well i do have two of these machines what I was thinking of doing is taking the existing wheel and some how cutting its height in half and then creating a riser for under it so that only one mint can sit flat in it. Might try my luck with a buddy that has a 3D printer to print me a riser the proper thickness. Because they lay down really well in this wheel its just too deep. Thanks for your replies.. if anyone else has any ideas I'm open ears
  12. I am not too familiar with this stuff so can you tell me what there is a crank handle on this wheel? I cannot figure out why that is there
  13. I was looking at this for the SSF https://www.ebay.com/itm/Replace-a-candy-wheel-on-a-SSF-Silent-Sales-Force-Machine-with-a-Gumball-Wheel-/193304686532 but it still looks like the same depth and the same issue would happen. Its almost like i would need this but half the height! This is like the worse candy to dispense haha!! I don't want candy candy at the desk but something for fresh breath so after lunch or before a meeting etc.. any other ideas of what could be put in here next to mints of this shape? I looked for round Scotch Mints but no luck..
  14. Hey guys and gals. Thought I might pop a question here to others that might have the same issue. I bought off Kijiji 2 SSF machines and both have the bulk candy wheel in them. I bought them because I wanted one for my desk at work to dispense scotch mints. I was using a bowl and individually wrapped life saver mints but the waste is just horrible and I need them to be hygienic (IE someone sneezes then puts hand in bowl) I was able to remove the requirement for a coin with a few parts removed from the coin mech and my candy wheel has the ability to change the size on it. I adjusted it so a scotch mint would sit flat in the bottom as this seems to be the only thing that is consistent with this candy. Problem is I am finding that the wheel and 2 mints are able to fit stacked on top of each other. If I try to narrow the space and hope the mints sit on their side in the space then some fatter mints wont fit in the slot and jam it up. Any ideas. I was thinking of cutting the top metal and bending the flaps back to make a more square hole then a triangle but don't want to cut unless its a last resort
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