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  1. Hi Everyone, does anyone have any idea how to get the Device ID of the USAT Touch telemeters/card readers. I tried to google it, read the manual, search the forums but nothing about that.
  2. Hi All! I was looking for DEX harnesses online and I'm finding them for $8-$22. That's alot when I consider I might be buying at least a hundred of them ($800-$2200 for a bunch of cables?!). Is there somewhere I can buy in in bulk? Thanks alot!
  3. Thanks alot, Southeast treats! This has been very informative, I greatly appreciate it.
  4. Thanks alot for the Detailed reply @Southeast Treats! This is going to help us tremendously. We have a technician who does the machines repairs, so I'm hoping he knows about DEX and MDB. I have been researching about DEX and MDB but I still don't know how each works, how they look like inside the machine, and how each one is setup. The issue we are seeing in some machines, assuming that item levels are punched in correctly (unless it isn't due to employee negligence), is that some slots are accurate, some are not. some machines can't report at all, and some are random. Could an issue be due to the motherboard or maybe the part that pushes out the items? Thanks again for all the info!
  5. Thanks for the reply! I do not know what you are referring to when you say interface, is it a part of the motherboard? or the USAT card readers. The previous owner keeps telling us the issue is from the card reader with little explanation why, and that we can't get them fixed because USAT has so bad customer service. But on the other hand, there are atleast 50 machines with those card readers so its hard to think that most of them are reporting inaccurately or not at all.
  6. Cannot get accurate readings from machines. We use Vagabond as our VMS and USA tech for card readers (that should also send out information to our VMS about the stock). But what happens is that some slots are accurate and some show as if they are stocked but not really. We are not sure if this problem is because of the card readers, the VMS or even something else like the machines themselves.
  7. Hello All, we (group of partners) bought out a vending machine business that was close to bankruptcy and asked the previous owner of said business to be the manager for the time being and giving him a small portion. Anyhow, we do not have any experience in the Vending business, although there are many things that could be fixed one of them is being the inefficiency. We want to implement Pre-kitting into the business to cut the amount of time drivers need and so that we do not need to buy another truck since we plan to and already started expanding our customer base. The problem is that the the machines that have the card readers installed (which as we understand, are what also report the amount of items remaining in the machine) either report inaccurately (some slots accurate, other have less than it reports on the app) or do not report at all. We do not know for sure where the problem lies, the card readers (USA Technologies, who have terrible customer service) or the Vending management software (Vagabond VMS). Could the machines themselves also the issue? We are considering switching our VMS to Vendsoft or Parlevel. Vendsoft seems to have better ratings on the app, but we are considering Parlevel since they also sell Card readers so that if an issue comes up and we call customer care they help us whether the issue is from the VMS or the card readers instead of them being separate and each company trying to shift the blame onto the other and us getting nowhere like we are right now with vagabond and USA tech. Any advice would be much MUCH appreciated with regards to this matter or even advice in general for us since we're new to this but starting out with a lot of customers rather than with a few. (We have machines at over 50 locations) Thanks!
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