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  1. I've had a look around but hard start kits seem hard to get hold of here in the UK - did manage to finally find a Danfoss style starter relay on eBay! Thank you both for your help, part arrives tomorrow
  2. I've taken the cover off and as suggested the wires are burnt - do you know where I can source one of these? seems like they're only in China?
  3. I've taken the chiller deck out but turned it on whilst next to the machine to check and it seems to run, but cuts out as soon as the fan kicks in around 5-10 seconds later Could this be the fan rather than compressor?
  4. Hi All, New to the forums and have already received some great advice! the forums we have in the UK are so quiet, this one seems really good and a few members have already helped with technical issues. 3 of my machines are American, and I find this forum has lots of knowledgeable people when it comes to these machines Hoping to get up to 5/6 machines by the end of this year Happy vending! Joe
  5. Perfect thank you - I tried unplugging the chiller this morning and as suggested it didn't trip! I'll drag the whole deck out later and hopefully find some damaged cables etc - if not looks like I'll need a new deck (or leave unchilled)
  6. I recently had a problem with an error code which was kindly solved by the forum (door switch needed adjusting) The other day I broke the end of a 3amp circuit breaker and the machine wouldn't power up, so I ordered 2 replacements and it powered up again. My problem now is that after leaving the machine running for around an hour it tripped the RCD in my office (the chiller was also running, as previously it wouldn't due to the door switch) Now I can turn the machine on and it powers up fine, but when I close the door it trips the RCD everytime - the PSU did smell of a slight burning smell? Any help would be appreciated, desperate to get this machine running picture attached of the 2 new circuit breakers, thinking maybe one if faulty?
  7. Thank you for both of your responses. I will check out the door switch tomorrow and see if somethings come loose
  8. I've bought an old Nestle Multisnack AP 123 and it all works except the error message "Row 8 Missing" flashes up when making a selection? the columns still vend but have tried clearing errors and it doesn't go... The machine has 6 trays + gum dispenser, all coils tested and working Any help would be appreciated
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