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  1. After much personal study with this machine! I have fallen in love! Haha, just got my reader installed changed the MOBO and DIP chip and she is awesome!
  2. So I am new into vending been doing drink machines for a year now. 2 of 3 machines have working nayax readers, however we are interested in a snack machine! Keep in mind I will have to learn them, but what should I check while getting used or "like new" snack machines.
  3. Didn't say clueless just didn't understand the depth numbers. But majority of people get things to understand them. So...
  4. Just got a new vendo machine and having comprehension issues about how to set different depths 1-4 via what column. If I'm running 16.9oz cokes what does 1,2,3,4 mean for depth. Vendo model# 721TDD00235
  5. Oh thats rich, i knew it mas own ignorance. Haha sorry guys, my brain is malfunctioned!
  6. I have a dixie narco 501E, I'm installing a Nayak card reader. But it says to pull the mobile cable from the motherboard and plug into Nayax. But I can't quite see the motherboard or I'm ignorant and not seeing it. It runs a coinlux 5 change dispenser! Please let me know what other info is required, just in case there is something I'm missing.
  7. https://ibb.co/hBmJv4b here is bill val Not sure if coin mech is necessary. But it is a coincidence 3000 series
  8. Just got an older machine that can only set price for the whole machine. Its set at $1, but need to set at $1.25! It is a dixie narco, all i found on side was model number dncb 368/216-8 Will post pic of bill validator and coin mech, shortly. Its way different than my previous machine so I don't want to mess anything up by tinkering haha
  9. If more info is needed or picture is not sufficient please let me know!
  10. so I have a narco dixie 501 e. Want to start accepting $5 bills. But according to the person I bought my machine from my current validator will not be able to accept 5s. Can someone tell me where I can buy one for my machine?
  11. Rather new to the whole vending machine game. I recently noticed one of my cams closest to the motor the knot broke. Machine is a Dixie Narco 501 E MC/ Sii-9. Where can I go to get one. I only need thale cam not the whole motor. Would like some direction on a site that has this available.
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