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  1. well i checked all of the connections they all look good i guess the next step is to change the computer board huh?
  2. awesome guys thanks i will let you know the outcome .
  3. i am having similar problems with another machine columns 6,7,8,910 are all jammed. but i turned cams manually and they are not jammed they all say sold out. could it be the sss again?
  4. i changed the computer board in it now all is good.
  5. thank you i will get back to you on these things
  6. there seems to be power to the coin mech it will just not work at all. i changed it out thinking i had a bad mech but the new one doesnt work either. not sure if i should change the com[uter board or what maybe i will try to rplace the wire that goes to the mech?
  7. copy i will look at the machine and see if i can do that thanks o much
  8. i hae vendo machines with mars mei acceptors 2511 is the 110v for this particular machine can i switch to a 2512 24v acceptor? and how do i do that? just change the wire harness?
  9. check to see if the cam is in the correct position for dropping the vend out. i had same situation and i rotated the cam and now it only vends one at a time
  10. thanks guys i beleive i havef the amchine running now. sss was not set up for the last 3 columns so thanks for all the help this is an awesome forum.
  11. i also rotated all of the cams to asimilate vending and they seemed to work fine
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