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  1. Also I have a card reader/air wallet on the machine. I posted in a different part if the forum and AZ said "see, I told you in your other thread". Well I found out USA tech handles that, called them and found out what I needed to do to hook that up. So again havent experienced what is being described.
  2. I had to replace the coin mechanism and the one I found swapped over easily to a different mechanism, after I messaged Global on facebook and they responded very quickly and told me what part to look for. So I guess I don't really see what they are talking about. It's my first machine and is placed in a warehouse where I have a full time job, so i can watch it closely. I had just found this forum so I didnt know about this machine. Next I guess I will have to research who sells them up in Phoenix as I'm in tucson
  3. Thanks I just called USA technologies and was helped with all my questions.
  4. Well it is what it is with the machine. It's working fine now. Live and learn I guess
  5. Well because I didnt know about this forum to start off. I have actually found the exact opposite of what you're describing.
  6. Hey everyone. I just bought a global vending g3 combo with a credit/air wallet reader from a private sale. I'm trying to figure what I need to do to setup this CC reader so i can optimize this machine. Any info would be helping and much appreciated. I apologize if this topics is somewhere else, I searched and didn't see anything. Thanks, Justin
  7. Hello all. Name is Justin, live out in Arizona. Just bought a machine(global vending group's g3 combo) from a private sale and placed it in the place I have a full time job. Hope to get some great info from everyone!
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