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  1. Hey guys I am looking at some machines a guy is selling. One of them is on location, but the machine is A glass front drink machine owned by Coca Cola. He said he has to buy coke products directly from coke and stock the machine with those products only. Would I be allowed to buy coke products from Sam’s club or Walmart instead and stock the machine with those drinks? I don’t have any coke owned machines so I don’t know how it works. Or how they would know if I buy my drinks from Sam’s club instead. thanks
  2. thanks I will try that too appreciate it
  3. thanks for the tip! will have to give it a shot
  4. agreed. i would have to sell them at 2.50-3.00, but i bet he is expecting them to be 1-2 dollars. people always seem to expect vending machines to be a bargain like you said, when it actually should be upmarked for convenience
  5. Customer requested honey buns. Thinking of getting the 3oz ones at Sam’s. What do u guys price yours at? thanks!!!
  6. A customer requested beef jerky sams club has 1 oz jerky bars and 1.25 oz jerky pieces bags. anyone have experience to share? Which one is better and what price should it be at? thanks!!
  7. Yep, this is exactly what I started doing this week. Adding 2 new items this week and I figure that if I add new items, I can price them at .75 and no one can really complain about it. I already have pop tarts, Oreos, LSS, granola bars. I’m adding takis and nutty buddy this week. Hopefully veggie straws next week. Also thinking of Jack links beef jerky, but not sure how to price it.
  8. Thank you! I purchased a route and it is barely making any money. Previous owner has chips set at 60 cents, cheezits at 55 cents, utz chips at 50 cents. I’m barely making any money. I’m thinking 75 cents for all chips is a good place to start. Then eventually raise drink prices, etc
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to the vending world. Can you please tell me what prices I should have for soda cans, bottles, candy bars, chips, crackers, etc? If possible, it would be helpful to include location as well for reference. I am in southern NH. I bought a route but the prices are so low that I am barely profiting. Help is appreciated. thanks
  10. Thank you! Will give this a shot really hoping it works
  11. I have a national 472 that has been accepting bills but not coins. But now it won’t accept bills or coins. At all. I replaced the bill validated and the coin mech. Does anyone have any last ideas for what might be causing this? I’m going to have to remove the machine from the location if I can’t figure it out soon. Desperate for advice. Thanks in advance
  12. Hey thanks for those thoughts to consider, I’ll look into that. Would it be ok for me to just set the temp at 45 to override the automatic 41 and below health safety feature? Or is 45 too warm for a vending machine? thanks
  13. One of my ams machines keeps having Health safety error codes. This is the 4th time in 4 weeks. I made it say exempt in settings but it still is happening. Anyone able to give advice??? Thanks
  14. Anyone service their route with a pickup truck and trailer? I can’t find any good deals on a cargo van near me. How is parking with a 6x10 trailer in small parking lots? Is it worth it to go with a pickup truck? thanks
  15. Hey any chance you have some pics of the 6x12 v nose trailer with shelves? I saw you mention it in a old thread and I’m interested to get ideas for a trailer of my own. Thanks!

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