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  1. I have seen Fritos honey bbq twists in many of my competitors machines. But I can’t find them in any stores or online anywhere. Anyone know where I could get them? thanks
  2. Hey everyone just wanted to throw this out there, I started a YouTube channel about my vending route. I’m new to the vending business so my route isn’t doing super big numbers yet, but anyways if you want to check out my channel or subscribe I would greatly appreciate it. I currently have 35 machines in my route and I operate out of a ram promaster. thanks for taking a look! here’s the link to my channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCCj1YkDCcnotplnfxDCh9oA
  3. Aw man I just looked them up but it says not available in my area thanks anyways
  4. I only see 4 LSS chip options on sams club website. Where can I get more options from? Do you guys order LSS chips directly from frito-lay? for example, sams has the 1.75 oz dorito nacho, but not the 1.75 oz dorito cool ranch. I have also seen 2oz frito honey bbq twists in my competitor's machines, but I can't find where to buy them. thanks
  5. im currently at sss .75 what do you guys sell lss for? debating between 1.00 and 1.25 thanks
  6. Thanks you for the detailed response. Appreciate it, hopefully this helps!
  7. I have a DN276E Dixie Marco drink machine. I have been told numerous times by the customer that the drinks come out warm sometimes. But whenever I’m there, I check all the drinks- the ones on top and the ones on bottom, and they are always nice and cold. They said that occasionally when they put a dollar in, no drink comes out, but then when they buy the next drink, 2 come out? any clue what’s going on or how to fix it? thanks!
  8. I purchased a used crane National 147 snack machine. I tried going into service mode to change prices and it needs a password. Previous owner doesn’t know it. There is no manual in the machine either. Is there a way to reset the password? thanks you
  9. Hi, does anyone know the specs for a lightbulb that goes into a Snackmart iii 4000? I just bought a used one but it doesn’t have a lightbulb in it. Thanks!!
  10. Hey guys I am looking at some machines a guy is selling. One of them is on location, but the machine is A glass front drink machine owned by Coca Cola. He said he has to buy coke products directly from coke and stock the machine with those products only. Would I be allowed to buy coke products from Sam’s club or Walmart instead and stock the machine with those drinks? I don’t have any coke owned machines so I don’t know how it works. Or how they would know if I buy my drinks from Sam’s club instead. thanks
  11. thanks I will try that too appreciate it
  12. thanks for the tip! will have to give it a shot
  13. agreed. i would have to sell them at 2.50-3.00, but i bet he is expecting them to be 1-2 dollars. people always seem to expect vending machines to be a bargain like you said, when it actually should be upmarked for convenience
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