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  1. Same signs at my Sams Club. Got my items (10+ cases) and went through the self checkout section. No issues here. I normally use the scan and go on the app when I’m in the store, can’t imagine you’d have an issue using that either.
  2. Hello, I know there is numerous articles about accounting methods for full-line vending, however most of them are several years old and don’t mention many of the options that are out there today.. What do you guys use? What would you recommend for a small operation? (5 locations 8 machines) I use a route card in excel to tell me what I want to know about inventory, however, I am not knowledgeable enough about it to trust myself using it for accounting. QuickBooks online is one I see mentioned a lot, however 25$/month is not something I can justify paying at this point. Anybody know of a more cost effective option? Thanks, Ben
  3. Hello, Recently purchased an existing vending route, one of the machines I have is a USI 3130. Last week when I went to service, the entire panel that holds all the electronics (including the panel of selection buttons) was a not lined up with the holes on the front of the machine. Upon further inspection, that entire panel is secured to the inside of the machine using tape... With that being said, does anybody know how this is supposed to be secured down? There is screw holes on the panel itself but doesn’t look like there is in the door.. also, is there supposed to be plastic in-between the button itself and the outside of the machine? It just doesn’t look like it’s flush even when I push it flat. Any help is greatly appreciated, didn’t find anything in the manual.
  4. Appreciate the response. I’ll definitely look into that.
  5. Hello, I recently purchased a vending Route and I’m looking at adding telemetry/cashless solutions to my machines. Does anyone have a preferred brand? Trying to find the most cost effective option but also wanted to see if anyone had first hand experience with any of these. (Good or bad) Also, any advice you want to throw out there for a newbie is greatly appreciated as well. 😉 Thanks in advance.
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