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  1. What about finding & repairing the leak? And, to truly diagnose the System, Hi &Low side pressures need to be checked.
  2. Gotta disagree here AZ,.... I've Hard Starts melt, & blow out i Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment. I wouldn't advise anybody to throw a Hard Start Kit on anything, until the problem was determined. And yes,.. It simply could be a loose connection etc.,.... But that would be speculation only, without eyes on the unit, & not having any Test readings.
  3. Coinco ct48 ?? I ran that through Google/Bing, & Duckgo & I'm thinking that I totally missed the "phoenixvendingsystems.com" link,cuz' I see it now... to many "Irons in the fire" I reckon. Again AZ, Thank You!!
  4. AZVENDOR, Again,.. I Deeply Appreciate You providing that Manual, & I got a couple of laughs already out of it, & A Rush of Exhilaration!! "The Common Refrigeration Troubles Section" has brought some much needed laughter here, due to recommendations like "Cause--The Evaporator is iced " /"To Make Sure- Look to See", but better yet,..."Cause--Tubes Kinked" / "What to do-- try to get kink out" LOL! Business owners taking actions like that, with whatever "Tools" they had laying around has many times in the past made me $$$. The Exhilaration is due to the parts list on page 26/Figure 6 that shows the Compressor components in the little box. Item #23 is that External Comp Protector, & Item #26 is the Thermistor. The Sanyo & Tecumseh Vendor data, will help narrow down who made the Comp., and the Patent Data at the bottom of the page will help also. So now I KNOW, that the Comp is one of two different Manufacturers. This has been kinda like uncovering the Uggaric Tablets of Mesopotamia LOl! Again thank You AZVENDOR!!!
  5. "Apparently you don't know how to use the Google machine." 😎 Judging from your being able to present that Manual,........ I'll be humble here, & say "You Could Be Right", but,... I've never had this much trouble, trying to gather Data about any piece of Equipment before, & I used Duckgo, Google, & Bing. What Search words did you use Azvendor? The Compressor does not have a "Hard Start Kit", nor a Potential Relay/Capacitor. This Compressor has an external Comp protector on term "C" & it is a PTC Thermistor on terminals R & S. "that compressor is only a 1/5th or 1/4HP unit. " <<< That is why I need to know what it is, for to High, or to low EMF, supplied by the PTC, could burn that Comp up. "If it needs a compressor then it's not worth putting one in it as those have been totally unsupported for over 20 years. " <<< My Customer,an Antique dealer,is very well off, & he wants it done. "If it needs a compressor then it's not worth putting one in it as those have been totally unsupported for over 20 years. "....."but trying to get info from people on a machine that wasn't worth anything when it was new is a waste of your time because not enough of them were mainstream to begin with. " <<<< Well, due to "not knowing how to use Google"😁 at least when it comes to Coinco,........ & what "bits & pieces" of Data that I have manged to find, which that "Search" brought me to this Forum & Halleleu Yah! You providing that Manual,... It's turned out to be a "Good Day". And again,... My Customer wants it done, & in Today's Econmy, I don't think that it would be wise to turn down a Job, unless it was Totally Against Code, &/or Posed as a Hazard to Life & Property. "Embraco wasn't even in business when these were built " <<<< The Web Searches did not indicate that, in fact, Tecumseh is getting back with me, for Steven in Tech Service, thinks that Comp, may be a very Old Unit of theirs, or an Embraco, possibly a Sanyo. It is what it is. And Yes, long ago Kelvinator did make Compressors, & in fact,it was one of the first manufacturers of a residential refrigeration unit. " Any crossreference will probably go to a Chinese import if to anthing." <<< It did that & it also went many, many Compressor Manufacturers, which is why I was ready to pull my hair out, & pitch my PC out the window.🤣 "There were 4 different compressors used on those depending on their vintage with one being Tecumseh, two being Sanyo and two unknowns but the reference numbers in the manual are Coinco numbers and are meaningless now." <<< Which more than likely is Steve at Tecumseh is searching his "Old Records",... Sanyo has proven to be more complicated, for what I've gathered, they've changed hands several times, & kept the "Name", but may/may not have records, & HAIER may be involved in this. "Craigslist here in Phoenix (not related to the PDF source) has a bozo trying to sell "brand new" CT48s for $475 and I just laugh when I see the ad. ",<<<< I didn't think to try Craigslist, but,... I found two Soda Vendors up in Connecticut, & New York, that had Old Used units like this, & they wanted to part them out, or sell, but,... They knew nothing about the Unit's History, nor Refrigeration. Hey! I Absolutely Appreciate Your Help, & providing that Manual, which I'm gonna feast upon,.... But what "Search Words" did you use on Google?
  6. I'd plug it in to a standard outlet, due to it being on an extension cord, which will increase the amperage, then take an Amp Draw, on the compressor, & compare that to the LRA of the compressor., found on the Data plate. Then I'd Ck the Ohms tween C & R/ C & S, ... & R & S. Also Ck the Capacitor(s) that supply power to the Compressor & be sure hat it, or they are not "Shorted out", or permanently discharged. "If", all of the above, especially the Compressor is within Manufacturers Specs,... Then You MIGHT, get by with a Hard Start Kit. But,... You will not get accurate Amperage readings by testing that Comp, while it is on a long extension cord.
  7. Uhhh,.. New here, but,.... If You are having wires melting, You have a Far bigger Problem, than what a Hard Start kit is designed for. For one, find out what is protecting that circuit, & why it's not kicking a breaker, or blowing a fuse. Then find out what is pulling Amperage High enough to melt that wiring. U slap a "3-n- 1", or "5 -n -1" on a unit that is burning wires, then U might as well look forward to buying a New Comp, if not putting out a Fire.
  8. Greetings Ya'll, I have a Customer who collects Antiques, & he asked me to see if I could get his pop dispenser running for his shop. He told me that there was no rush on this, so as I was passing through while running Serviced Calls, I told him that I would stop there, & get the info from the Data Plate & then after researching it, get back with him, & set up a time to Service the Unit. While I was there, he pleaded with me to just put a meter on it, so to please him, I did. On a call for cooling, this unit's Condenser Fan comes on, & The Compressor within less than 2 seconds, hits 5.6 Amps, & then it drops out. The Data plate shows 3.1 Amps for this unit, & Yes, I know that is total Amps, & not Comp Amps only. This Compressor has a "Two Part Potential Relay", which I am not familiar with, for I've always worked with the Single Unit, that attaches to the C/R & S Terminals. I found out about this "Two Part Relay", cuz' I checked C/S & R for continuity, & to see whether the Comp had shorted to ground. The Comp, has continuity between C/S & R, & it is not shorted to ground. I did not check for Ohms, as I was by that time running late for a "Scheduled Service Call". But , I did get the info, from the Comp's data plate which is: Md# CQ75L2C D6043 / "SY"located in a small rectangular Box/ LR58424 which I'm wondering if that is the "BM #"? / 75L & R-12 for the Refrigerant. I told My Customer that I'd "run the numbers", & try to find out all that I could about this Unit, especially the Compressor & the Proper Relay, & get back with him. What I've Learned, is that "Coin Acceptors Inc" is still in business, & that their "Service Manager" doesn't give out any Info, Unless You Specifically pry it out of him! On the first call, he told me, "I've been here 23 years, & I've heard of that Unit, but We don't have any Data on it." I did some Internet Digging over the weekend, on the Internet, & the Unit Md#, The possible Compressor # & The possible "BM #" all took me down many paths, in the search for Compressor/ Refrigeration Data,that led me to Tecumseh, Embraco, Kelvinator,Copeland, & more, but when I would click the links to these sites,.... They turned up Nothing! I Called Tecumseh this Morning, & the Tech there told me that he was pretty sure that it wasn't their Comp, but,... That he would get back with me, after going through some older files. Kelvinator, & Embraco said No, & after quite awhile on the phone & Net' today, I actually had to run some Physical Service Calls, & when I got back, it was to late to Call Copeland. But, over the Net',.. I did find two vendors up around New York, & One actually has a CT48, that he has been parting out, BUT, his Compressor #s do not match what I'm working with, & The Big Problem is that he also does not know who made these Compressors. Does Anyone, have any Deeper Data on who Manufactured the Compressors, so that I can Contact that Manufacturer, & then put the Proper Relay on this Comp? Matter of Fact, are there any Service Manuals available for the Older CT48 Units?
  9. Greetings Ya'll, I found this group, after several Intensive hours of searching for Data on this very old Coinco CT48 unit, that I'm trying to get running for a Customer. And, since I have a few other Customers, with "Mom & Pop Stores", etc., I thought, "OK, maybe if You branch out past the Refrigeration & Electric Service, on equipment like this, &get involved in repairing the rst of the unit,then possibly that also might increase the Cash Flow, & perhaps even save the Customers some $$".
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