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  1. Hey guys I sold the machine for $400. Let someone else deal with it. Thanks for all your help
  2. Coin mech does have change - I did check that
  3. Where would the door switch be? I’m in the Topeka Kansas area. I can’t find a vending machine tech around here at all. Most are in KC area and won’t come down here. (About 1 15 hours away). I’ll post some pics next time I’m there. Thank you guys so much. Light in a world of darkness!!
  4. Coin mech is plugged into Bill Acceptor. Was working fine until recently. No savend, no light at all in front of machine. No error codes. I’ll test plug sometime this weekend hopefully had to take kiddo home. Everything was working fine until the one day I checked it the other day. Bill acceptor has light. Coin mech does not. No light display on front. Machine is not cooling but it sounds like it’s making noise back there, just not like normal. that’s everything guys to sum it up. Lacanteen I’ll look into new coin mech if I can fix the machine at all
  5. Changed Fuses, no change. Sorry guys not trying to sounds weak here or anything but I’m just defeated. Guy sold me this machine for $2500 and promised it made $200 weekly and it’s been broken down 6 out of 8 weeks I’ve owned it and maybe gets $10 a week.
  6. Bill Validator is Flashing twice, meaning Disconnected from System. Coin Machine is a G6XUS-BB-KO. No power whatsoever to this one. No lights or anything. The only light there is is on the back of the bill validator saying disconnected from system. Yes I unplugged for 1 minute then plugged back in.
  7. I took the fuses out and when I closed the door nothing powered on but when I put the fuses back it started up but no lights. No coin mech or bill validator. Bill validator says disconnected from system. On way to Ace to get 2 new fuses to see what happens. I’m not mechanical if this doesn’t work idk what I’m gonna do......
  8. No I didn’t. I’ll have to. Where can I get a replacement?
  9. Display shows nothing. No lights on at all. Yeah, when it could be chain homing I’m not sure. Doesn’t sound like normal, but I hear it moving somewhere.
  10. If someone can help me trouble shoot. I have been having horrible problems with this machine. Got there today, (Royal Vendors 660) and the dollar bill validator, Coin Mech and Refrigeration were not working. It all sounds like it works when I start it up, and machine sounds like it’s cooling but nothing works. Any tips? thank you. Having so much trouble here.
  11. It was working perfectly fine before. What coin mech would I get for a 660? Never done this before. Wouldn’t even know how to change it. I’ll have to go check it out.
  12. I purchased a vending machine from a gentlemen a while ago, things have been fine up until recently. It’s an outdoor Royal Vendors 660 coke machine. I went to restock one day and the prices were all 99.95. I did research and found it may be battery, however I went and reset prices and STS settings and when I unplugged it for 30 seconds and replugged it it saved the info fine. Maybe a glitch? Anyways, the problem I am having is my machine is only adjusting prices by $1. It used to have prices @ 0.75 so I know it’s possible, just don’t know what key I’m missing here. I sell single cans. I guess $1.00 isn’t the most crazy price for an outdoor apartment machine by a pool.... convenience and luxury I guess. I’ve seen them go for $1.35 inside Radissons.. any ideas or tips for a beginning vendor? This is one of my 4 soda machines. thanks!
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