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  1. Some pictures would defently help. I know that there are a few different shapes and lenghts between the bottles and may require different clips.
  2. I have the same machine and want to vend 16.9 ounce also. Did you even find the correct shim and space settings?
  3. I am going to the machine tomorrow, I will try that and I am taking another coin mech with me to swap out if that doesnt work either. I spoke with a local guy that has been doing vending for about 30 years and he told me that all of his DN machines do that every 3rd can because the motor has to make a rotation and pick up 3 more cans and return to home before it gives coins out. I understand what he is saying but mine does it with every purchase. I dont know anyone else with a 4 deep DN720P to ask if theirs acts the same way.
  4. I will have to try that, I have a older 3 tube coin mech that is still wrapped up from service that I will try on my next visit. I am still not sure if its the machine programming or the coin mech that is the issue but this will help eliminate the coin mech if it does it on the next one also.
  5. I did do that and its off. My next thought was to set it up for forced vend so it takes the bill right away and maybe speeds up the process but I hate to have my machine set up to do that.
  6. I have a DN720p 10 row with a Conlux Five coin mech in it, I am vending Cans (4 deep). The machine is very slow to return change, it takes about 10 seconds after they make the selection. Its a problem because when the break buzzer rings there are 3 or 4 people waiting to get a drink and the first guy is busy beating the machine up for his quarter and others walk away to smoke. I have read the 720p manual and the conlux manual and can't find a reference to speeding this up.
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