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  1. I wouldn’t mind filling one out at all if there were any payments that are going to be made between me and the location, but the fact that there aren’t any payments or future payments for the service is what made me second guess filling one out.
  2. They want me to fill one out to give to them. And there is no commission, so I found it a bit strange
  3. I have a location that I'm negotiating with that just requested a W-9 form. Is this normal? I have never had a location ask this of me before. Is this something that I should fill out or should I ask them why they need it?
  4. Thanks to everyone that responded, I was able to get it to work On Sunday afternoon
  5. Also how can you tell the Exact setting of the back spacer? I usually just make sure that it’s about half an inch or so from the cans furthest out in the back of the machine, but how would I know for sure that it is on a specific number setting?
  6. @AngryChris @cvending Thanks for the responses guys; when you say I need to set the cam to “4 notches” what exactly are you referring to? Would that be the ridges on the outer edge of the cam, or something else? I can see the 1, 2 and 3 slots but I’m not sure how to tell which one of those signifies 4 notches, or how I would even tell.
  7. Hey everyone, I’m a relatively new vendor, so excuse me for any lack of knowledge. I am trying to get my 501e to reliably vend monster from the wide column, but when I test the motor it goes in a 1-1-2 pattern as far as how many cans come out and sometimes nothing comes out at all. I have 4 3/32 shims on either side of the column and my red cam is set to 1. Does anyone know what else I need to do to fix this and get single vends only? Any help/suggestions are appreciated, thanks.
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