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  1. If you're in BC, there is Brokerhouse Dist in Burnaby. They should have whatever you need for Vendo equipment. You can also order a new deck from the factory but freight would be pretty expensive.
  2. check/clean all of your door switches and locking actuators so to ensure they don't stick when a customer is trying to open them. Clean the encoder on the turret motor and make sure the turret stop pin assy is working correctly. They sometimes need to be adjusted or shimmed. I can't remember if the health lock function can be turned off on the 431. If not, it won't allow a vend once it engages. It's going to look for the temp to be 41 F or below within 30 minutes of door closure. If it doesn't reach that threshold, it's going to lock out sales and read "Out of Service" on the display.
  3. Mechanical thermostats last a long time. It's a judgement call. If you have one, time to do it and any inclination that it will be a hassle, you may as well.
  4. That was all happening 15 years before I got into vending. I honestly couldn't say what was going on at that time. That is a common scenario happening today so I can only imagine that was the case at the time.
  5. The 407 model number was used between 1983 and 1988 on a couple different cabinets.
  6. A1 Distributing is in Sacramento. Betson is in Hayward. Avanti is in Redding. Executive Vending is in the Turlock area. Gary has since passed on (RIP) but a guy named Kevin has taken on his area. He may have the lamps. I'm not aware of any parts distributors in Fresno though.
  7. ORSD is right. Peel the film off. As for the flourescents. We don't stock them anymore. There are kits available to switch to LED if you'd like or you can find the lamps at lighting supply houses or even big box hardware stores.
  8. I think things are slow everywhere unless you bottle water or sell masks and hand sanitizers. Steve and I like helping people work on equipment when/where we can. We are restricted from travel like almost everyone else so when I stumbled across this forum, I told him about it. I doubt the forum is worse off having factory trained technicians dropping hints from time to time although I do generally try to stick with Vendo equipment or payment system questions.
  9. Your bill accepter cycling at least tells you that you have power supplied to the mdb line by the board. So that's good news. The Merlin IV had a battery snapped on top of the RAM. It's generally a black or yellow box on the upper left corner of the board. You may find beads of hot glue on each end securing it to the ram chip it's sitting on. It's possible that the RAM on the board has corrupted data which is keeping it from working correctly. A possible fix is to pull the snaphat battery off of the ram (gently) for a couple of minutes and allow the RAM to clear. This will wipe the memory and restore the board to factory default settings including price and space to sales but it may also clear any corrupt data and get you back on track. At this point, it's worth a try but it's up to you.
  10. I would start by verifying that your display and it's harness to the control board are good like tblake05 is hinting at. If the unit accepts change and vends but your display doesn't reflect that, it's very likely you just need to repair/replace the display harness. Those displays are inexpensive and easy to replace. If you have another royal machine with the same style display, move the one giving you trouble to another machine to see if the problem follows the display, then the harness, then the board.
  11. 16.9 oz water in soft, non-nitrogen charged bottles have been a challenge since day one. Here is the setup guide for Arrowhead branded. Unfortunately, these will still probably jam from time to time unless you don't fill the columns completely to keep some of the weight off of the bottom bottle.
  12. I have to add...Vending has paid my bills for the last 20 years and it has purchased my last 3 homes. I started in vending wiping down coin mechs and rebelting CBA2's, VFMs, and BA30B's and now I'm a Regional Manager for a major vending manufacturer. I have been to almost every state in the union and 2 other countries to work on or sell vending equipment. It was a choice I made only hoping to making a living wage in a trade and I absolutely realize he may or may not want to follow my path. Honestly, I hope he learns a couple things about maintaining equipment so that might carry over to his bike, motorcycle, car, etc but I also hope he finds something in it that makes him happy. I enjoy being a technician but that's how I'm wired. He still has to figure that out but I feel it's my job to make sure he can count change, change a flat tire, look at someone in the eye when they're talking to him and have a firm handshake (or whatever we're supposed to do now) and to be a man of his word. As a father, I've fallen short several times, I can only work to right the scales and teach him what I can.
  13. I appreciate the feedback and advice very much. If/when he loses interest, I feel like that will be time spent out doing something productive and learning a little bit about the world that I have a little bit of control over without spoon feeding it to him. I hope to spark something in him that he's not going to find in his electronics...elf sufficiency, pride and a sense of accomplishment. If/when this project falls on it's face, I will pull, clean and resale or store the unit. I feel like during these times, anything edible would be off the table so I'll probably try to lean towards the 1" capsules. I'm sure I will never recoup all of the cost but at least they won't go stale or make anyone sick. It's kind of you to share such in-depth advice with a stranger. It's obviously knowledge learned over time and experience. If there's anything I can help you with, please say the word.
  14. Hello again. I spoke with our software engineer and he is going to look into it. He seemed to be taking the frame of mind of protecting the end customer who might get shorted a quarter if a machine is enabled while any payouts are jammed. I explained to him that the operators are our customers and that you'd rather have a machine stay enabled and vending even if a payout is jammed. You prefer to reconcile any short change issues from customers during your scheduled visits rather than a machine being down for days due to a jammed nickle tube or having to visit a machine on an off day to clear a jam and reset the machine. He is looking into it. Should a firmware update happen, it would require an eprom update for any equipment already in the field.
  15. My son is about to turn 12 and I'd like him to get a better understanding of how business works in it's basic form. My initial thought is to purchase him a gumball/toy machine and help him find a nearby account that he can maintain and earn a couple bucks on. I've been a vending tech for about 20 years but have never been involved with bulk candy. I'm thinking a good used machine would give him an opportunity to rebuild/repair as necessary and understand how it works and the importance of maintaining it. I would appreciate feedback on the following questions if you all don't mind. 1) Can anyone give any insight into some does/don'ts for bulk vending? 2) I am considering leaning him toward vending the small toys rather than unwrapped gum/candy due to covid. Can anyone point me to the best place to find inventory? 3) Can anyone tell me what a dependable used machine brand would be and how much I should expect to pay for it? Any other insights I'm not thinking of?
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