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  1. Does it pull down to temp in a reasonable amount of time?
  2. Welcome to vending! Start with coin acceptance and credit and build from there. Does it accept coins, vend the correct selection and pay correct change? Once a good coin mech is established, , you'll need to add AT LEAST one roll of quarters, nickels and dimes into the tubes on the coin mech before your DBV will accept a bill. 2 Blinks means "disabled by machine" meaning the it doesn't want to accept bills because it's not sure it can pay change. If coins don't solve the issue, there can be a few settings to try but those are dependent on your board and the harness you purchased.
  3. Have you entirely lost power to the board? If memory serve, many fastcorp machines had a power supply/driver board mounted on the bottom of the door that contained a line of fuses. You might start there. If not mounted there, you should be able to trace the power harness from the main board back to the power supply.
  4. If power issues began immediately after playing with the fuses, it would seem the most logical starting point. Do you have a meter to check continuity through the fuses and fuse holders?
  5. If the machine is vending the bottles from the cradle correctly but not reloading the cradle, You'll want to look more closely at that. Correct shims? Products bridging? (getting stuck side by side in the column and getting stuck), correct backstop position? Maybe I'm misunderstanding what I read.
  6. I would be looking at options in the reader. Is there is an option to hold an amount above the vend price that is not credited back or released before the next cash customer arrives? Upcharge for tax or holding "x" as the highest vend price in the machine? Is there a timing setting for release of funds remaining above the vend price?
  7. When a bill is accepted, the DBV sends a pulse to the coin mech. The coin mech is responsible for engaging the vend relay once the vend price is met.. In some DBVs, the pulse can be set to "long" or "short" based on your mech. If your price is $0.75, and the DBV accepts $1, the mech will receive the pulse, fire the vend relay and the Quarter payout tube one time to pay change. Once a selection is made and the vend complete switch is closed, the relay is released and we're back to square 1.
  8. What brand/model coin mech? Some coin mechs had an issue where a gate in the acceptor would stick open routing coins that should be rejected to the cash box. You should be able to pull the cover from the acceptor and work the spring loaded gates back and forth freely. If any of the solenoids have swollen, they will prevent the gate from opening/closing. Coinco covers pop off by hand. Mars will require a screw removed to expose the gates.
  9. I have to say, due to what I've read about Keymaster, they scare me a bit. The "game of chance/game of skill" issue seems to relegate that equipment to very specific regions which slashes the market considerably. Also, we would need to come up with something along the same vein without getting into trouble with seemingly copying other's designs. I haven't forgotten about this but still researching.
  10. I appreciate you saying that Chris. I am a tech at heart and honestly do everything I can to avoid being sold to myself. I totally understand that people are on here to have pressing questions answered, not to be told they just need new equipment. If I can share any of the tidbits I've learned over the years, I am happy to do so.
  11. This unit uses a side compartment much like the old AP6000/7000 and 320 machines. Controls board, power supplies and coinage are all mounted on a drawer in the side compartment. That drawer can be removed completely to make access to everything easier. To be clear, the most common complaint I hear about this unit (which has been in production since 2015) is that we need a smaller version. This unit eeks through standard exterior doors. It is also very low to the ground so they're generally moved with piano dolly's or low profile pallet jacks. Big blue break-over dollys work also but it's a lot of machine (715 lbs empty) and I would only lift from the rear to avoid damage to the side cabinet.
  12. To my knowledge, New unit pricing is comparable to BevMax and Royal is no longer in production. You would need to check your local distributor for actual pricing.
  13. If the coin tubes are full, then the coins should be routed to the cash box. There are sensors at the top and bottom of the tubes to allow the mech to know it's inventory to payout change. Nickles and dimes upper sensor is at the very top of the tubes where the quarter tube is generally selectable by a dip switch as "high or low" sensor. If you don't want to keep an excess amount of quarters in the tube to pay change, the unit can be set to "low 25" and only inventory enough quarters to enable dollar coin or DBV acceptance. What coins are dropping straight to the cash box? How many coins in their respective tubes? Not vending - Once credit price is reached, does the vend relay mounted near the coin mech plug engage? You should hear a click which should supply power to the vend motors and selection panel. Once a button is pressed and a motor begins to turn, the relay should disengage and credit cleared/change paid. This is often indicated by the "exact change" light coming on while relay is engaged. Since the coin mech engages the relay, we need to determine if that is happening and, if not, why? If you have another machine to test the coin mech on, that would be a good place to start.
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