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  1. Well...I think Canadians just deal with looneys and tooneys differently than we do. You guys count and spend them, we elect them into government offices.
  2. If it has a bill accepter, it will require at least a couple inches worth of nickels, dimes and quarters in order to accept bills. With your quarter tube set to only hold 6-7 coins (Low 25 cent option) you will likely find that the bill acceptor doesn't allow acceptance of bills at times.
  3. It really sounds like a depth setting issue. Drop sensor issues generally come with "sold out" or stolen credit issues. Have you tried running the cans at 3 deep rather than 2?
  4. That's certainly another possibility. Unless I'm misreading, the unit is just picky on coins. This would lean toward the mech itself as a faulty cluster should completely disable acceptance. It wouldn't be the first time I've misunderstood what I've read though.
  5. When you press the Coin Return lever from next to the coin insert slot, that lever is generally a linked to a bar that actually pushes down on the coin mech's return lever (scavenger or escrow lever). There is usually a spring holding the weight of the linkage off the coin mech. when that comes up missing or fails, the linkage will rest on the coin mech and cause it not to accept coins properly.
  6. Dirt can add to an issue but it's if it's picky, it likely needs calibrated or "tuned". Make sure the coin return linkage doesn't rest on the coin mech.
  7. I'm glad it's working for you. I would double check the options settings. There is a High/Low 25 option set to only inventory a handful of quarters.
  8. If your coin mech is just "picky" about coins then it needs to be cleaned and tuned. I'm not certain what you're referring to as a "compression button". If it's the scavenger lever on top, that is for coin return. Sometimes the linkage from the button in the machine will rest on this and cause the coin mech not to accept because the flight deck is being held open. There should be a little space between the coin return linkage and the coin mech's scavenger lever.
  9. Is there product in the machine? If it's sold out, it will not accept money. If there is product, press the coin return or a selection and make sure it's not sitting on a credit. Usually, "exact change" lamp will be lit when credit is established.
  10. It couldn't hurt to add a couple inches of nickels and dimes but this should not prevent vending on 75 cents with 3 quarters.
  11. Vending on 25 and 50 tells me that your mech and machine can establish credit so that's good news. Can you share your actual coin mech model number so we can know exactly what you're working on? It will likely be on the side of the unit.
  12. The issue could be in either your coin mechanism or the credit relay. It's hard to troubleshoot without a machine or spare parts to test with. Below is some basic pricing for single price vending equipment. Most coin mechanisms set up approximately the same way using DIP switches to set pricing. In Single Price machines, the coin mech is responsible for managing payment (accepting coins, enabling the dollar acceptor and establishing credit to the machine from either method of payment.)
  13. Does it attempt to vend and jam or does the vend motor never turn? When you reach the vend price, you should hear an audible "click" from the Vend/Credit relay which supplies power to the selection switches and vend motors. From that point, simply pressing a selection should complete the circuit and run the desired motor. After inserting your money and making a selection, does the machine allow you to insert more money or does it return your money?
  14. I believe I'm seeing a Cavalier label on the first one just below the coin return hopper. While the second one looks like a Royal, I'm inclined to think its another Cav. as well.
  15. Let me know if you need anything.
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