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  1. I wish I would have been around this forum for this one. "...crush there nuts with 2 red bricks..." made me chuckle.
  2. Have you taken another look at the splitter harness that plugs the DBV and Coin mech into the MDB extension harness? Just looking for a common denominator. If the DBV stopped accepting as well then I would be leaning toward the mdb line being shut down by the board. If DBV is accepting and the coin mech is paying change then MDB is enabled and running. I'm not pretending that crazy things can't happen, but I've seen plenty rebuilt coin mechs that were intermittent or had sticky, flakey gates, sensors, etc. If you have another board or a machine that you can swap them, it's absolutely worth a try. I would like to know if the issue follows the board to another machine or stays put.
  3. I would also consider checking the Y-harness that connects the DBV to the coin mech. A faulty pin on that harness cause all sorts of odd issues.
  4. Are there any errors listed? To be clear, you say it stops accepting coins but the DBV continues to work? This would suggest that the issue was still with the mech. The board simply enables the MDB line for acceptance of all forms of payment. The VMC isn't able to block coins but accept bills. I have seen some card reader/telemeter systems cause all kinds of fun things to happen on the mdb circuit though. Are you running a card reader and have you swapped or removed that from the system?
  5. Didn't some of the P series have an optic vend sensor viewing across the end of the delivery chute? If three's one of this one, that may be gunked up, bent out of alignment or otherwise damaged.
  6. Between your subject line and body of the message, I'm unclear if you're saying that your machine vends multiple times on 1 credit "deposit of money". example - put in a $5 bill and can vend multiple items until your credit is depleted -- this would be a "multi-vend" function is enabled and can be disabled in programming__ OR Put in $1 and doesn't clear the credit after vending the first product and allows another selection to be made-- this would be a vend sensor issue which could be sensor, harness or board -- OR After a selection is made, that spiral or column turns continually vending multiple items with one selection? -- this would be a motor position switch/sensor issue which could be switch, sensor, harness or board --
  7. MPC boards have 2 rows of diodes (1N4148) on the bottom section of the board that are involved in the selection switch and sold out switch circuits. Those start to degrade and cause some fun issues. I always had to cut them all out and replace with 0 ohms resisters (basically a jumper). This allowed the voltage drop caused by depressing the switches to be a clean high or low. Long story short, you may need a different board or get good with a soldering iron. Those boards are generally coated in a protective goo that makes a huge mess.
  8. As AZ stated, the acceptors can be swapped between cases as long as they're from the same series. If the coins are falling through but the LED is lit, then the acceptor needs to be tuned for your change or it has gate issues which would need to be repaired. Tuning acceptors requires a specific setup and training. It's generally not expensive and would be able to answer whether your mech is the root problem in your machine. A coin mech that doesn't accept, may also not credit, payout or other issues. It's best to be able to control variables and start with a mech that you know works because it's been calibrated and tested properly.
  9. Since your mech is showing "enabled" by keeping the red LED lit but the coins are falling through, I would suggest having that mech looked at once again. It sounds as though it is not "tuned" for your coins. They are generally set for US nickles, dimes, quarters and dollar coins. If not already done, it would need to be tuned for your loonies and toonies in order to accept and credit properly. Having a little trouble seeing the some of the switches but is your 0.80 switch set in the middle? Are you trying to vend for 60 cents or $1.40? You might consider setting it to $0.05 long enough to get it running. Once accepting coins and your vend price is reached, the relay should engage based on a signal from your coin mech. To my knowledge, you will not be able to add a card reader to this system as they require MDB which is not supported in Single Price equipment.
  10. Check space to sales. If this unit has wide columns, you count those first, and then count right to left for column number.
  11. There's a notch or dent on the top corner of the EPROM marking pin 1. Make sure you align the new chip the same as the old one. The socket is generally also marked.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. If the harnessing looks good you might double check the switches on the motors and the Space to Sales programming before spending money on a board. Are there any black marks or burned spots of the front or back or the board? Does it smell burned? You may be able to take that board to a local vending repair shop and have it tested.
  13. Hey there. Welcome to vending. You have a lot to learn but that can be said for any new venture. Below is a link to the manual for your equipment. This and almost any other Vendo manual can be found at www.vendoco.com. Take a little time to read through this so you have a basic idea of how to set the machine up for the products you'd like to vend. Since beverages come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, you will want to select your products carefully in order to sell through everything and have them vend consistently. A word to the wise, avoid 16 oz water bottles as they will likely jam. They have been a thorn in the side of vendors for many years. https://515f3e44-bcef-4b52-99d8-6b4bd7c3b77d.filesusr.com/ugd/e49953_799405b061c04a19bdeeb62b7fac1927.pdf
  14. Merlin 2000 used 110 VAC for the motors. I shocked the S%#t out of myself a few times when I was working on those. That type of thing burns into your memory. They moved to 24 V with GII, GIII and Merlin 4
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