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  1. I was thinking. if number 1 works and number 9 works and all slots are set the same. Why do the slots in between not work? When you mentioned the chain, it made me think. I just checked the chain to see if it was loose and I saw that there are two plastic guides on it. both those guides were ABOVE the chain! That's why it would work on the end slots and not the middle ones. After I moved the chain so that it was above the guides, everything now works properly. Your input has been invaluable. Thank you again.
  2. Thanks again for the help. I just printed out your message and will work on it today.
  3. Just finished setting up the price and the electronic part is working fine. Bill changer is working ect. We put a couple of cans of Pepsi in each slot and tried it out. it will vend with no problem on button 1 and 9 but every other button, I can hear the mechanism working but then it says sold out. I read through the manual and found a picture of the vend mechanism and how it's supposed to look for large and small containers but I can't seem to find the directions on how to change it. the lower rod I did move to the small container position but the upper rod has a butt load of spacers and washers on it and I don't feel comfortable with trying to get all that stuff back in right without some sort of instructions. Where to go from here?
  4. The info about the door switch got my attention. I checked it out and it is working properly. But I had an idea. I opened the door and pulled one of the connectors off the switch so that the computer thinks the door is open. Then I can close the door and work on the keyboard with out the machine warming up so fast. I was able to clear the errors and get to the menu with out a problem. Thanks for the help.
  5. I'm not able to get to the error message screen. after I push the button, I see the ERROR pop up, then it starts scrolling the random numbers. I'll read the service manual and find out where the door switch is located and how to check it. Thank you again for the help.
  6. I just tried to set my machine again. When I push the program button, I'm still getting an error message, however, no matter which button I push, It will start scrolling a series of what seem to random numbers and then goes back to displaying the price when I push any button. ????????
  7. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I did download the manual and printed out the programming part of it. Today I'm going to try again to set pricing. If I succeed I'll go ahead and load it up.
  8. My wife and I picked up an old coke machine. A RVCC660-9 model to put in our little village. The only place in town to buy anything is one of two bars and the kids here are not allowed to go in. We thought we could sort of provide a community service with this machine. I know it's kind of old, but it seems to work well enough. It was set up for 20 oz bottles at $1.50 and we thought that was a little much for our area and would like to stock it with 12 oz cans at $0.75. I did figure out the alignment and spacing for the cans, however I can't seem to get it to cooperate with me on setting the price. I studied the chart on how to reset it but can't seem to get it right. Also when I am trying to work on it the temp keeps going up and triggering an error code and I can't work past it. Is it normal for the temp to go up that fast? I'm talking 10 minutes or less with the door open. I would appreciate some help in getting this thing functioning.
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