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  1. I think you commented on my other post about the issue already. I am interested in something like the Tuffront kits though, thanks.
  2. Thanks! I can't make any repairs or upgrades right away, so I'm gonna keep trying to get it working on my own... In the meantime, I'll be researching those control boards so I'm ready when the time comes.
  3. I was afraid it was something like this. Does that mean it probably needs a new control board? I actually didn't realize there was a battery with the control board, so at least that's one other thing I could check.
  4. F24 T8 and a starter but I'm not there right now to check what kind. I actually replaced both when this problem started and it didn't change anything. Usually an issue with the bulb makes the prices reset to default, along with seeming like the whole thing has a poltergeist.
  5. The prices keep resetting on my Snackshop 6000XL, what's weird is resets to the prices I had programmed when the problem started rather than putting everything to 5 cents or whatever the default is. I used to be able to power it on and off and it would keep the programmed prices most of the time. Sometimes a power surge or something would reset everything to a default price, I think it was 5 cents. Now, it always resets to the prices I had programmed last September or so. I can reprogram the prices and they will stay for up to a couple of days as long as the machine is always powered. It always resets back to the September prices within a few days, though. I don't know if the entire control board has a problem or if there's an easier fix somehow.
  6. I have had my Snackshop 6000XL from Automatic Products for several years and have managed so far. It's really starting to get run down so I'm looking for repair advice and eventually replacement recommendations. Please reply if you know anything about the Snackshop 6000!
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