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  1. No energy drinks or bottles, it's all regular 355mL cans. Still gonna try this though. Could it also be caused by cans being in the machine stacked high for a long time (ie. Several months)? I'm wondering if that's also the cause.
  2. Hello, I've never had this issue before and am trying to figure out why it might be happening. In one of my drink machines (A Dixie Narco 276e), when someone selects ginger ale, the cans seem to occasionally come out with tiny puncture holes after passing through the chute causing them to spray everywhere. In one instance, all the fluids of the can just leaked out. I've inspected the machine for any parts or objects that could be obstructing or puncturing the cans on the way down but there isn't anything. What might be causing this to happen? The drinks are not expired, although they have been in the machine for months due to the account moving slow.
  3. Makes sense, I really appreciate the response. Your experiences in the business are also fascinating to read about as well. Thanks for this
  4. I have an account with a Crane 141 that I've been looking after. Recently, certain selections on the machine have started to completely vend out when they have been selected. The spirals will just keep turning and dispensing product as long as the button is held down after putting in enough money for one purchase of said selection. One of the selections that used to do this no longer vends. I've been looking to replace the machine anyways. But I'm wondering what might be causing the issue, and if there's anything I can do to try and fix it?
  5. I was wondering if anyone on here uses software to keep track of inventory, expenses, etc. If so, what is a program worth having? I've heard of Vending Essentials, but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere and their site appears to be down.
  6. I resolved this issue but I haven't visited this site in a while and just wanted to update this in case someone runs into the same issue as me: Turns out it was the motors. Replaced them both and everything was ok after that.
  7. I'm glad you pointed this out to me, I'm pretty new to vending and didn't know. I've mostly been continuing what the previous owner was doing.
  8. Sorry for the lack of detail, was planning to attach photos in my original post but they were too big so I had to find an app to convert them. The selection I'm having trouble with is column 6. It's narrow and used to vend some awkwardly sized 500mL Aquafina bottles. Adjusting the motor cam to 2 packages sounds like it'll solve the problem, so I'm gonna look into doing that and give it a shot.
  9. I have an account I took over that I've been servicing for a while. Their drink machine (DN 276, NOT to be confused with 276e) has like 4 selections that are just water bottles and additional diet cokes so I started trying to add more variety by swapping those out and putting other things. I replaced the additional diet Coke selection with Mountain Dew and had success right away. I tried replacing one of the water bottle columns with Sprite though and they won't vend. I don't know if that column was ever used or even working before, but when I select it the buttons turn orange the way they normally when it's vending. Except nothing comes out. Before testing, I did try to adjust the back to accommodate can sizes instead of bottle sizes and I'm guessing that might be the issue. How do I correctly set this so that it works with cans?
  10. Ppreciate the input. All of these sound like great suggestions. Thanks everyone!
  11. Hello, hoping someone can give me some suggestions here. So I have an account I took over for roughly a month now. The machines are very old and I'm looking to replace them. I already have something in mind for the snack machine, but I'm unsure what to get to replace the Dixie Narco 368 they've had for what looks like several years. I really want to give them an upgrade. The account is at a factory that generally runs 24h. Work force is (obviously) slow right now but its still busy and has a worthwhile headcount. Also worth mentioning is that the breakroom is located up a flight of stairs so I'm hoping whatever I get won't need to get pulled out anytime soon. What would be worth getting or looking into?
  12. I tried this today, still no luck. It gave me error code 00 which isn't even in the manual. Before clearing, it gave me codes 00 and 70 (also not in the manual lol) so that did something, what though I have no clue Thanks to everyone for the responses so far
  13. Forgot to mention that when I took over I noticed there was a lot of dark liquid inside the machine, particularly all over the vent and behind the drink product door. I removed all of the previous owner's diet cokes and discovered that many of them were empty. I don't know if a spilled drink inside could cause things to stop working that easily but if so, what would the solution be?
  14. LOL that was also my first impression If it's not the motor though, what else could it be?
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