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  1. Yes I had the power off and the old one was unplugged. I didnt even take the new one out of the box yet.
  2. So I went to plug it back in to test the new coinco.....apparently there was condensation inside and sparks shot out. I unplugged it immediately, waited a few days and plugged it innits dead. No.idea where to.stary now I guess a wire was exposed somewhere.
  3. I think it is a frozen evaporator. Seems likenrest was running. Unplugged it.
  4. Thank you for the help. Should arrive Wednesday, and of course for some reason the machine wasn't cooling. Now I need to figure that out.
  5. Got my hands on a 9370, will be delivered in a week! Appreciate all the help everyone!
  6. So is it some sort of setting or is it broken?
  7. It was obviously empty when I bought it. Maybe that started it?
  8. Currently all my coins are not rejected....it takes the coins, makes the correct change, and bends. Just wont stop this loud buzz.
  9. Super rookie hear, whats a rejector, and what does a CREM look like to even know what I am looking at. I appreciate the help!!!!
  10. Hi Everyone! New to vend collecting. I got a vinathe Pepsi machine, running good nice and cool, it vends, makes change, set it to the original .15 cents. However....the Coinco unit is buzzing. 1. I have no idea why. 2. I have no clue how to stop it lol. Anyone have any guidance around this on the why and how to fix it. As I said this is my first and I am big time rookie here, quite lost. Hoping to learn! (Yes I know it is unplugged in this pic. Only way I know to stop the buzz!)
  11. New to the Vend collecting world. I hit my hands on a vintahe Pepsi machine and am trying to figure everything out. With minimal success lol! Hope to connect with some mentors that can help me learn. Look forward to talking with everyone. -Will
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