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  1. Excellent to know! Thanks for all your help and wisdom. I know I will need your expertise again in the future.
  2. I wanted to be sure I posted my final solution to this issue for the benefit of others. I figured I had nothing to loose so I went ahead and put the gauges on this machine. It does not have a high side port, only a low side. With the evaporator ice free and running I measured 31lbs of pressure on the low side. I saw no fluttering on the gauge or anything as the machine ran. I went ahead and evacuated R134a until I had about 20lbs on the low side. The machine now no longer ices, keeps the cans cool at about 34f and seems to cycle on and off properly. I think the previous owner maybe added some additional R134a before he brought it over or at some point in its life. In short I think I was flooding the evaporator with liquid causing it to freeze over. The machine has been perfect now for several days, no more drama! I am sorry I did not have all the facts on the possible high pressures when asking the questions. Thanks to everyone who helped out and gave me all the info I needed to figure this one out. I will pass on the favor to other members here.
  3. New column motor fixed this issue. Now all columns will vend on the DN 180. Thanks!
  4. Where can we get vintage labels? Like old school pepsi or mtn dew?
  5. Ah ok, So your advising I not buy a new one, but instead have my existing unit rebuilt because the replacement deck might not fit in this small machine. Ok ill try to find a local guy.
  6. I think I will do a whole new cooling deck setup. I believe that the new cooling decks include a new fan.
  7. thanks for responding. Are you saying that the frost issue is from the compressor and if I fix that the evaporator will stop frosting? Or is the compressor valve a separate issue causing only the bulb to freeze? Also, does the compressor come out of the front or out of the back of the machine? Is there brazing involved? Should I install a whole new deck instead? Looks like you can do a new deck for $299.99. I have gauges, 134a, and a vacuum pump.
  8. I purchased several from D&S Vending. they are 0.95ea.
  9. This morning I cleaned the door seal to remove any dirt or debris and also cleaned its mating surface on the machine. How critical is the front part of seal where it seals against the front door where the lights are? The surface is also a little bit dirty, but I have not had time to clean it yet. The frost seems to be more like snow and less like ice. I have been told on another thread that is indicative of an air leak in the cabinet.
  10. Hello, My Drink machine frosts over after about 30 hours of running. The photos with very little frost are after about 8 hours of running. The photos completely frosted over are about 24 hours of run time. The frost seems to happen at the bulb first then spreads to the rest of the evaporator equally. I have not put any gauges on it. 1. I have a good evaporator fan that runs constantly and pulls air in and blows out through a series of holes in the vending ramp. 2. Vending flap door is installed and closes. 3. Drip hose is installed and drains into the pan next to the condenser, there is no standing water in the cabinet. 4. The door seal seems to be in good shape, and the "T" Handle pulls door closed tightly. Although because of steel around the cabinet its tough to see the seal once the cabinet is closed. 5. The shrouds around the evaporator are in place and seem to be proper fitting.
  11. Sir, I read another thread the other day where you had gone through this procedure with another user. I very carefully cleaned this all out but didn't get have any change. I ordered a new vending motor, and will install it in a few days. Ill post the results in this thread. I might need more help on an icing issue with this machine as well.
  12. I also very carefully changed the motors from column 2 and 1. But I got a different set of symptoms. With the suspected bad vend motor on column 1 i got a never ending running motor as if the vend button was stuck.
  13. I have been playing with this on and off all day. It appears to not follow the vending switch it self as I swapped it with another selection. The motor runs so I am going to assume that is a good motor for now. The Vend relay however appears to be cutting the motor off mid cycle. The relay is clear and I can watch the contacts open when the motor stops prematurely. I don't see any PCB that would control that relay, is must just be the selection switches and the relay that drives those motors. although I am not certain I understand how the relay can control 5 motors from 5 selection switches. I think it is going to take a vend relay.
  14. Hi guys! I have a machine I am restoring that is a Dixie Narco 180. This is a mini drink machine that is a single price 5 column machine. I have the coin mech bypassed with a hidden switch to issue a credit. When I hit the credit switch then select column number 2 the vend motor almost appears to spin half way then stop. Then, as soon as I hit JUST the hidden credit switch it finishes its vending cycle and will drop a can without making a selection. This motor also sounds different than the others. Column two did this even when I was using the coin mech before it was bypassed. I can't seem to figure out why this is happening. Please Watch the video below:
  15. Hello- I am the newest member on the forum and am an avid arcade game enthusiast. I do have some refrigeration experience and am excited to learn some new things.
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