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  1. That is exactly what was happening - off by 1 all the way down. New membrane and now it is ss-3,4,5 and vending is a crap shoot entirely. Thinking it is a wrong or bad membrane. Try another new one? I purchased the last one from amazon - rookie move maybe. It's a 9 item vender. I see 2 different membrane available on the online parts store... not sure how to identify which one to use. Thanks again for your time.
  2. Thanks for the link. Pressing the blue button gave the codes ss-3, ss-4, ss-5. Ok so its a select switch issue. I just replace the selection membrane with a new one - powered the machine down and changed the membrane. Now when pressing #3 - column 6 vends... selection 1 and 2 net me nothing at all... I made sure the motors are free of jams. Does it sound like the new membrane is defective? My thinking was to try an navigate through the programming to what they describe on page 11 of the link you sent " Select Switch Test". Any further advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Private machine - everything was great. Had a bottle jam go unaddressed for a few weeks. Ugh. Fixed that and now vending cans. Problem started when the button you pushed would almost perfectly vend the selection on the next button down. Then it got a little less reliable than that (only a few days like this). I have turned it off but I have not pushed any buttons. Thought oh it must be the selection membrane - just a guess. Replace that and now it only vends something random is and when it wants to. What have I done!? everything is $1 and is a can now. Thanks very much!
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