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  1. Hey guys, happy new years. I hope everyone is healthy and safe. My futura 3589 is delivering multiple drinks at one time. It's only happening with the second row of bottles. The top bottle row is fine as well as the can row. But the 2nd bottle row continues to deliver, 2 and sometimes 3 bottles at a time. Because the other trays are working I'm assuming this isn't a sensor issue. I'm very confused with this whole situation because I filled each selection up individually and then dispensed a drink and three out of the 7 selections dispensed more than one drink. So i figured I'd leave th
  2. Hey, I've attached a link of what the machine does. Hopefully this better assist you guys in helping me diagnose the problem here. I'm just worried I'll hire a tech to fix one thing and the machine needs something completely different. I've wiped all the sensors and took off the top of the cup to make sure no wires are loose. I'm not sure what else to do. Thanks again for all the help. https://streamable.com/c4n7fk
  3. Hey guys, so I went back after reading this thread and tried to fix it myself. To no avail. Someone told me to do a sensor check and this is what popped up when I did it. I also took a video of what happens with the machine but I think its too large a file to attach here. I appreciate your help. If you have any more advice please feel free to send it. Also anyone have an estimate on what the cost will be to have someone switch out the harness for me?
  4. okay thank you. If I have a bad door harness, what would be the plan of action then?
  5. Good morning guys. I recently purchased an RVV 500 glass front beverage machine and yesterday I went to service the machine and it said out of service. When I checked the error codes it said vend mechanism and then it said "Home Sensor". A buddy of mine told me to wipe down some sensors(which I had no idea were there). The cup began moving a little bit more than prior to the wipe but still not fully functional and the error codes are still there. Any help on how to resolve this problem? I'm fairly new to the business so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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