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  1. That is a little unusual but not unheard of, I had accounts like that. Just wondering have you put in other pastries to see how they sell? I once had a couple of locations that were halfway houses for excons and my best seller was honeybuns because that was the only pastry type item they got when they were locked up.
  2. Did that with shaving cream.... kids today will miss out on so much, anyone under the age of 20 probably wouldn't know what a album cover is without googling it.
  3. You mainly need to watch the dates on the sodas, juices,tea,monster and sports drinks have much longer dates and if those are expiring they shouldn't be in the machine in the first place. For sodas what I would do when filling is that I would have 2-3shelfs totally dedicated to sodas and I would fill a empty column halfway and then pull older cold drinks from another row and push the warm ones to the back. That way my customers got cold drinks and product got rotated.
  4. A common dorm stunt, only we'd put water into nasty trash cans and then lean on a door.
  5. Had a bunch of those that I ran for years and years without problems. Well worth the 300.
  6. Look at the cost to service thread pinned at the top of the full line section, I think you will find it helpful.
  7. That is the best option, the minimum in my area is 10 cases and they will deliver to any commercial address including storage units.
  8. Not necessarily, the front is easily changed.... Long story short, do what you can to verify ownership and walk away from those that you do that belong to someone else. If can't be verified then I would say do it BUT pay with a check so you can show that you bought it AND get a Bill of Sale with the sellers name and address on it. So if the worst case ever happens you can prove that you bought it in good faith and can show the who and where you got it. RF feedback from bulbs can easily cause wierd problems like coin mechs jackpotting and random dispensing. I have seen it many times
  9. So you are admitting on a public forum that you know that you are buying stolen property??? Anybody have the El Paso PD email address? What a idiot, its guys like you that give our entire industry and bad reputation as being full of con artists, scammers and thieves. Not only that but now those invoices are evidence of having recieved stolen property...... and if they disappear now the DA can add destruction of evidence and/or conspiracy... its awefully hard to fill machine when you are in a courtroom and then behind bars...... my dog has ticks that have a higher IQ.....your mama
  10. Free is always good.....work it till it breaks then pull parts and sell on fleabay and take the cabinet to the scrapyard.
  11. Those things must be so hot I'm surprised that they are not melting. Beware, sooner or later karma will catch up to you...
  12. I have said it before, first we have to agree on the definition of "healthy vending". Typically the biz-op version is the organic and natural stuff, which I tried for about 2 years when I bought 5 yonatural branded machines from a guy here locally. He paid 55K for the 5 AMS combo machines, I paid 5K for them. He lost his golpher on the deal, I made money at it. Why? The price of the equipment. My experience with the locations was varied but I did have have one location that did do 800-1000 a month consistently, even though it was next to a "regular" snack and soda setup it sti
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