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  1. Do NOT use them . I truly hope this review can help someone to avoid being ripped off like I was. This company is extremely dishonest and does not care to give you an actual concrete contract with anyone. Bill Ferguson and Peter Milazzo are thieves and liars. They tell you everyone you hope to hear and make it seem like they will take care of you in connecting and securing a “high revenue” “ quality location” these are all lies. They offer you different tiers of packages. Depending on what you pay there are different amounts of “leads”. I opted for the $600 option which was supposed to generate two contracts. They orginally made it seem like they cared by sending a questionnaire for the location types you were looking for and some wish list areas you hoped to get your vending machine into. I specifically told them some areas of town that I didn’t want my machine and I told them specifically this machine couldn’t be outdoors. Bill was so quick to get my money and credit card info and take payment before any results happened. Boom $600 gone and I trusted these people and they never delivered. I keppt Calling for updates I kept asking for anything and no response. The customer service act had disappeared and I was Walsh left in the dark. Finally they sent a short generic email that said they made two appointments with business owners to meet. They said these weren’t contracts and that I would have to meet these owners to offer what I had. It was so unorganized and shady. These two places were both in the ghetto and outdoors both of the features I specifically asked not to happen. The first appointment never answers and when I show up no one even knows about me or the appointment and the owner is “out of town” with no contact number. The next appointment was with a meth head good out of his pickup truck in the ghetto where he’s saying I should put my machine in the outdoors near a public sidewalk at a rundown non working self serving car wash. The guy kept asking my how much money I had and if I wanted to give it to him to start a business with the trucking industry. The guy was clearly high on something and couldn’t Stop fidgeting and scratching himself. So how is this fair and honest ? How is this comp ay able to take my $600 and give me nothing in return? They call them does quality vending , it couldn’t be more false. I tried for Months afterward calling emailing and being ignored and them saying they did their part and that there was no guarantees. Please DO NOT USE these people !! They are cons and super dishonest. They will use old leads to set up fake appointments and claim they did their job and claim it’s up to you to “seal the deal” . They only give low quality leads that they’d use in the past , they don’t care about their customers only the money and once they have that they let you burn and never look back. Use my mistake as to save yourself !!
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