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  1. I see a connector at the back of the machine when I pull out the snack drawers. I am guessing this is meant to be disconnecting whenever the drawers are pulled out. Could it be that they are not seated properly when I put them back in? corrosion on the connectors? Tried to follow the schematic but I have no idea how they work. Thank you all for your help.
  2. Hello all, I read over my manual and figured out the price setting, testing of the machine, etc. I went to test the motors for the coils and the display showed none of them to be functional. When I test using money as a customer would, it asks my to make another selection. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if the motors are all bad. I have an AP 7500. Thanks in advance
  3. Okay thank you for that. I think i will definitely go for the bill and probably card upgrades to modernize the machine. I can see how the soda machines will be easier that snack machines so I'll try to get a free one I found with a broken coin mechanism. Appreciate your help!
  4. Hello all. I am brand new to vending, I just purchased my first machine (AP 7500) for a bag of Doritos (no joke). The machine turns on and appears to function, further testing will need to be done. However, the light inside is broken and I need a new lock. I've been looking online for manuals and it appears to me the only difference between the AP 7600 and AP 7500 are the amount of rows. Is this true? if someone could please shed some light that would be extremely helpful. I would also like to upgrade to a bill acceptor and credit/debit reader if that's even possible (my machine accepts nickels, dimes and quarters only. Thanks
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