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  1. Anyone know the brand and model of this vending machine Costco uses for dispensing their water bottles for $.25?
  2. Thank you @orsd for the quick reply and glad to be here! We had been planning to secure a location or two for a couple vending machines prior to COVID and there were a few things that made it come together easily at the same time. Now knowing your suggestion about the type of machine we have, i will need to be careful and hope for the best. We have installed quite a few blockers for theft and vandalism though. I will see if there is a power distribution panel inside the cabinet And try that. The machines are outdoors but have a good amount of protection from elements and covering around
  3. Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself as a newbie to vending. We currently have 3 vending machines (vendo vue 40, Automatic Products LCM2 Snack machine, a Red Bull can machine) here in the US. We are a Tokyo, Japan based craft beverage maker and have a few machines in Japan, but this is a first here in the US. We primarily service restaurants, grocery stores, bars, etc. Our first US vending machines are in the San Francisco, CA area. I just set up the space and noticed I needed to make some changes to the vendo vue 40 machine. When I click the diagnostic mode button, it does not enter d
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