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  1. Definitely wording is the key, like we say, don't say ugly, say not beautiful
  2. Thanks! i will reach out to several locations to see if they are ok with hot vending machine, if they are i will continue negotiation with both parties, if not i will shift to other things. appreciate the help
  3. Thanks for the info, It's a dilemma the liability issue, and i could not find any other machine to operate as the basic ones are already out there. However liability and fire hazard is for everything and i believe a good insurance and a serious company would address them (i hope) Any other thoughts ? was is the average rent per machine you recommend in a high traffic space
  4. added business plan, please advise
  5. thanks for the info, from my research volume is the key, if you position for example a 2.5 euro french fries machine (i get around 1 euro after all expenses) based on volume, if i can get a high volume place like a train station that hosts 500k people a day in average and make a 100 sales a day, i will hit 40K a year for one machine. You only feed fries each 100 servings, and replace oil after 400 serving, the more i have the more i can increase my profit lowering costs and COG Thoughts?
  6. Thanks, food machines are not common here, i am targeting 24/7 high traffic areas, like hospitals, airport, big train stations that operate 24/7 Factory's here already have there in house cafes.
  7. Market here is saturated with snacks and drinks
  8. Hello community, my name is Josh and i am from Germany I am looking to get into vending machines in my area, i see theres not many food vending machines and i was putting my eye on a Pizza machine. Due to high costs and low margins (25K machine, retail 5.5 euro 30% margins) and the fact that each pizza takes 3.5 minutes to prepare i decided to divert into other food machines. My questions: 1. what is the credit card usage fee per transaction and do you add this to the price ? 2. do you need a health department license? and if so what is the financial average cost 3. do you insure for liability and injuries your machines, and damages? if so what is the average cost 4. my manufacture says they are working with IVend cloud, dose anyone knows what is the price per machine? 5. how do you solve the internet usage of the machine for updates (if no internet on premises) 6. Is there any statistics about how many are sold per day? 7. what is typically the rent for a food vending machine (double size than regular one) most manufactures i reached out, sending ridicules business plans, based on 30 days a month (like a machine would work none stop, no holidays or down time) also they calculate 50 sales per day X 365 days a year, which is for me (consumer) is also ridicules number to hit per day, every day, every year. They don't calculate any labor, insurance, internet, waste, rent, VAT, cc fees etc which most time is almost 2.5X on what they present. my calculations showed i would get a return on the machine (18K) in 4 years after operation costs based on 30 sales a day. now obviously if you find a high traffic 24/7 location and yout machine is a hit, you may hit even 50-70 per day which will take the business plan to different return what do you think.
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